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  • The effects of Long covid on lindy hop

    If you catch covid, you have a 10-30% chance of it becoming long covid. One of the most comment symptoms of long covid is fatigue. If we work with those assumptions, what does that mean for a community of dancers? Let me be clear: I not an epidemiologist, a health specialist, a physiotherapist, or a […]

  • Spreading stuff in families, workplaces, and other networks

    “Lock Down Smarter, Not Harder” (DANIEL REEDERS 24 AUGUST 2021) is a really great article by a very clever friend. Of course, as soon as I read Daniel’s original tweets on this, my brain started thinking about the way dance steps/styles travel between communities. Dance steps are units of meaning, ways of communicating ideas, who […]

  • The ordinaryness of the everyday and blues dance

    In a post on FB, Chris asks Charm’s Question of the 1st of June: Blues dance draws from a rich cultural well, a constant evolution of the dance and rapid socio-economic changes. What elements of vintage Blues dance culture (sordid and scandalous though they may be) need to be incorporated into the modern dance form […]

  • New thoughts about the long term sustainability of dance projects

    Oh! Exciting! Last night Alice and I launched our new weekly class in Petersham… I say that as though it was just us two there working the door, making up lead numbers (we only needed one more lead!), buying drinks, laughing and talking and filling the room, bringing our friends along just to see what […]

  • ‘Historical Recreation’: Fat Suits, Blackface and Dance

    I’m just doing some housekeeping over here in the blog (hence the somewhat dodgy CSS), and have been looking back through unpublished drafts. This is a post that I wrote back in July. I put off publishing it then because I was getting a bit more attention than I felt comfortable with. So I just […]

  • (Try To) Write About Jazz

    (Photo of Amiri Baraka by Pat A. Robinson, stoled from here). Long time no post. I’ve been busy with a few different projects lately, most of them impeded by vast quantities of randomly-generated anxiety. I’m bossing some DJs for MLX11, I’m bossing some DJs locally, I’m sorting some solo dance practices, I’m looking at venues, […]

  • the trouble with linear jazz narratives + more

    In the earliest parts of my researching into jazz history, I tried to set up a sort of ‘time line’ or map* of musicians and cities and bands. Who played with which band in what city at what time? Then where did they go? This approach was partly based on the idea that particularly influential […]

  • crazed and manic jubilation

    I just found out that my thesis was passed WITHOUT CORRECTIONS!! I have done the crazy happy dance about 10 times already (lots of high kicks up into the air, a few twirly spin-arounds, some random jiggling). If I hurry I can do the graduation thing in March/April. So I am now Dr dogpossum (mostly)! […]

  • incidentally…

    I had a phenomenally bad time* with campus graphics at LaTrobe while getting the temporary binding on my thesis. So bad that I refuse to take my $$ there for my permanent binding. How is the deal at UniMelb (I can’t believe I’m asking that)? Or at RMIT in the city? I’m going by location, […]

  • fate consipres against me. again.

    So you guys all know that I’m in the middle of some serious last-round thesis editing, right? The supes is back in about two weeks, I have a conclusion to (re)write, an introduction to (re)write, etc etc? Well, this weekend past, we decided to pop down to Tasmania to see my ps and coincide with […]