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  1. Is binding comfortable? How is it when sweaty? Then there’s your answer – I would love something more comfortable than my sports bras….

    Some of these short posts would have you being jumped all over on tumblr… Lovely waistcoat & cravat :)

  2. I’ve never done binding. It’s not really my cup of tea, as I’m quite happy with being a woman and looking like a woman. I usually make my clothes fit my curves (that waistcoat there has darts and actually accentuates my bust rather than flattening it out). And I’m a bit booby to be able to do it comfortably. I think the challenge to binding is having the right bandages and lots of skills and experiences. I reckon I could pull off looking like a chubby teenage boy, but then I’d have to pretend to be a teenage boy. :D
    I’m mostly interested in gender switching personas or outfits – so I really like the dandy wear that’s getting about, but I’m looking for ways to tailor this look to my female body. I’m also finding wearing trousers really helps me in my brain when I’m leading. It’s just a little thing, but it changes the lines (which I’ve noticed helps beginner students in class) and makes me feel more leady. I should no doubt be suspicious of this sort of thinking, but I figure gender is all about performance, whether you’re performing masculinity(s) or femininity(s), so it’s all costume anyway.

    Ta RE the waistcoat – I made it ages ago, but still haven’t worn it! The cravat is a remnant from some sleeves I made for a purple dress, which became my ‘zoot suit riot’ outfit that I wore a couple of years ago. There’s something freeing about crazy late 90s swing wear, what with all the colours and ridiculous frou frou.

  3. You look awesome. You made that? Excellent job, it fits you really well.

    This is the bra version right? You have curves but it’s not revealing. I think it has a nice balance.

  4. CUTE VEST!!

    I’ve done binding, and I’ve danced in it. My boobs are averageish, ~B cup, on a small frame.

    I’ve done it two ways-
    1) sewn into a a pretty wide, maybe 16″ piece of muslin, doubled over to be about 8″ wide and then wrapped.
    2) with a standard 6″ ACE bandage.

    (1) requires help, and help must be somebody you trust with a needle and their hands very near your breasts, is somewhat more secure, and somewhat harder to breathe. But it requires fewer wraps and is thus less noticeable, even by touch, under a tshirt and collard shirt.

    (2) you can do yourself, is somewhat less secure (could b made more so using safety pins rather than the hooky things it comes with), but is ultimately easier to breathe in because it stretches more. But, being stretchier, requires more wraps. If somebody put their hand on my lat, I imagine they’d feel the wrap.

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