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  • Developing a practical covid plan: What if someone won’t do x, y, or z?

    Today I was talking to someone completely unconnected to the dance world, and they asked what I’d been doing lately. I mentioned that I’d been been working on a covid policy, and it was really interesting because it was a way to talk about flatter power structures (and fighting The Man). I wanted to do […]

  • Doing antiracism in lindy hop

    I’ve been chasing down as many of the antiracist groups in the lindy hop world as I can find. I want to make a list here, so people can have it as a resource. And by people I mean me, and by have, I mean share. I’m thinking the groups that are specifically anti-racist in […]

  • Ease is a matter of privilege

    “‘The difficulty is the point’: teaching spoon-fed students how to really read” by Tegan Bennett Daylight I gave up a career in academia about ten years ago. It was a difficult decision; i love teaching, and i’d loved working in a place all about thinking. But over the previous ten years i’d been working in […]

  • jazz zine

    My jazz nerdery has reached (glorious) new heights. This genuine jazz zine (accompaniment to our jazz history class) can be YOURS for the grand sum of 50AUc. PM to find out how to get it to your house. Now available ONLINE as my journey into capitalism continues: Price: now incredibly high (to cover postage), […]

  • Another shit-stirrer post about teaching

    I’ve been thinking quite a bit lately about why people teach, and what they get out of it (for obvious reasons). There is this idea in the lindy hop world that we should all sacrifice lots ‘for the community’. As though ‘the community’ was this really huge thing, larger and more important than all of […]

  • Imitation and Innovation 8tracks

    This is a post that continues my thinking from that previous post about Basie and Jazz BANG, but here I work specifically with Count Basie and his influences. This post is a product of some discussion on facebook about Basie (and my previous 8tracks post), and really has grown out of this Basie session at […]

  • Two ways I put ‘solo dance’ into my lindy hop classes

    This is a ‘quick’ post about some things I’ve been thinking about in my own teaching lately. I teach lindy hop a couple of times a week, and I teach solo dance once a week. [off-topic ramble]I recommend doing that, by the way, if you’re into solo dance. Even if you only have five students […]

  • Busy Ham finds time to rant about gender

    I’m sorry I’ve not posted much lately, but I’ve been TOO BUSY! So far this year: We ran a Hot Foot Stomp on the 18th January (and demonstrated why there’s so little lindy hop in Australia in January: it’s too FUCKING HOT); Our usual Wednesday classes started up again at the beginning of February (and […]

  • Assessing the ‘success’ of a class

    There are many ways of assessing the ‘success’ of a class. Because most lindy hop events work on a tight budget, we tend to assess the success of a dance class by numbers in classes, and how much money we make. But large class sizes aren’t necessarily a good gauge for other factors. And we’ve […]

  • More than gender neutral language

    Update on using gender neutral language in class: It’s easy. I like it. It’s no big deal. So now I’m taking it a step further. Yes, there is a point beyond gender neutral language. I find that I don’t like referring to ‘the follow’ or ‘she’ as though they were some sort of universal object […]