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  • Women’s History Month: *facepalm*

    So you might have noticed a lack of WHM posts lately. Here is my litany of excuses: – Hayfever has put me down for the last few days. Big time. – We discovered a leak into the concrete slab of our flat last week, and have spent a week moving our ONE HUNDRED BOXES OF […]

  • Women’s History Month: Maxine Sullivan!

    Geez, these posts are becoming a real trial. I am just too busy. No, actually, I’m just too can’t be bothered to do one of these every day. I just feel as though I’m listing all the big name vocalists of the swing era. Boooring. I had intended to do lots of research and come […]

  • Women’s History Month: Mamie Smith!

    The first person to record a vocal blues album, Smith was a singer, actor and performer. Her 1920 recording ‘Crazy Blues’ was important for lots of reasons. It sold 75 000 copies in its first week and fueled a popular hunger for black women blues artists, which in turn shook the recording industry and race […]

  • Women’s History Month: Lil Green!

    I have to run out the house in a few minutes, so I don’t have time to write anything about Lil Green right now (I’ll try to get back to this later… ahahahhah. Who’m I kidding?). Lil Green. Singer, songwriter, musician. Why Don’t You Do Right, 1941

  • Black women drummers of the 1940s

    I’ve just been reminded of this Shorpy photo (Cafe Society: 1941) by a friend on Faceplant, and it includes a list of black women drummers from this period: Here’s a list of African American female drummers who may have worked during this time: Henrietta Fontaine, Hetty Smith, Mattie Watson, Helen Cole, Dez Thompson, Rae Scott, […]

  • Women’s History Month: Sister Rosetta Tharpe!

    Oh, argh. My life is making it difficult for me to find time to do proper service to these posts. And I’m a little tired of just defaulting to women singers. I’d really like to post some women record company administrators, or composers or other people in the music industry. But I guess that’s the […]

  • Women’s History Month: Ella Fitzgerald!

    I’ve had a bit of a rough day, so I’m going to post someone easy. Ella Fitzgerald. Because even when she was trying to sing the blues, she couldn’t help but leak joy. She was just made of it. You can read about her here. My story about Ella is: I’d picked up Ella Fitzgerald […]

  • Women’s History Month: Nina Simone!

    There’s no trying to pretend that Nina Simone was a jazz era musician. She was born in 1933, and though she began playing piano at the age of six, she reached mainstream popularity in the 50s and 60s. Despite this historical distance from the ‘jazz era’, Simone’s playing and singing was clearly informed by classic […]

  • Women’s History Month: Eve Rees and her Merrymakers!

    Eve Rees and her Merrymakers were an all-female dance band from Australia. They were very popular, touring extensively in rural and city Australia in the 1920s and to a lesser extent in the 1930s. Despite their popularity, it’s hard to discover much about them. A dodgy Trove search gives only three hits, and much of […]

  • Women’s History Month: Susie Edwards!

    I’m a big fan of hokum, mostly because I’m a big fan of clowning for its subversive power, and I love blues sung by arse kicking women. Susie Edwards (née Hawthorne) was one half of the husband and wife team ‘Butterbeans and Susie’, performing with her husband Jodie Edwards on stage, in vaudville, theatre and […]