terfs suck

This is such a sad incident. Feminism is about helping all women feel safe. Not this rubbish.
This quote from this article makes it clear that transphobic ‘feminism’ is bad for all women because it relies on essentialist, limited gender norms. And isn’t that the point of feminism, that we work to dismantle patriarchal gender norms?
Yes. We do.

When transphobes talk about womanhood as exclusive, they have to come up with reasons for this false distinction: this group has an attribute (genitals, physical attributes, life experiences, take your pick) which makes them women, so this other group without that attribute cannot be women. They reduce womanhood to a series of boxes to be ticked, like women are a monolith of experience, rather than accept that some women might look or be a bit different from them, and in the process miss out on the joy that comes from knowing and loving women of all different kinds.


I’ve just asked myself ‘what is the optimal pitch for an A-frame roof in a location* that gets snow’?
I have never lived in a climate where this sort of snowfall is likely or possible. And I have never built a house….
…out of anything but paper.
I’ve just spent far too long googling ‘what type of triangle has two equal sides and angles’ and ‘how do you find the perimeter of an isosceles triangle?’ Maths 1 is so many years ago. And there’s a 50/50 chance I didn’t pay attention in that unit.
*Rotterdam, and the year would be pre modern climate change, ie 19th century or earlier, when the snowfall was far heavier than it is now, but also not as heavy as somewhere like… Stockholm.


Siamese cat: my gene pool is so small my vision is impaired and i can’t reproduce without human assistance.
Cockatoo: i am an apex animal on my continent, use tools, live for decades, and have no native predators. Also i enjoy pranks.

…desperately trying to distract myself from the fact that our deputy PM actually said ‘all lives matter’ and his government hasn’t actually publicly disapproved of white American fascists staging a (failed) coup.

test early test often

Sydney: test early, test often.
Check NSW Health on fb for testing locations.
The 2 pillars of our orsm covid response are contact tracing and testing.
Apparently we aren’t testing as much as we were when we were shitscared a couple of weeks ago.
If we don’t test, the contact Tracys can’t do as orsm a job tracking us.
Got a symptom? Get a test.
Tests are free. Private clinics may require a GP’s referral.

What are the covid symptoms?

Say it with me:
fever (37.5 ° or higher)
sore throat
shortness of breath (difficulty breathing)
runny nose
loss of taste
loss of smell
Other reported symptoms include:
acute blocked nosed (congestion)
muscle pain
joint pain
loss of appetite