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  • how do you get women leads?

    Sydney now has a very strong culture of ‘anyone can lead or follow if they like, and it’s ok if you just want to do one and it happens to align with your gender ID’. There are a number of reasons for this – a queer swing dance school who also run a big event; […]

  • What is the problem with teaching ‘traditional’ gender roles in lindy hop?

    On the face of it, nothing. There is nothing wrong with teaching a class where students experiment with ‘gendered’ movements. In fact, a class like that is very powerful and empowering, because it teaches us how gendered movement is constructed and learnt through the way we hold our bodies, the speed of our movements, how […]

  • Moving away from gender essentialism in teaching talk

    In a recent facebook talk about teaching and gender in lindy hop we took the next few steps past not using gendered pronouns to describe leading and following. We then went on to look at how people gender particular dance styles or movements in essentialist ways. Here are some comments from that discussion. I’ve had […]

  • How gentle classes can fight the power

    I was thinking about this this week. When it’s hard for peeps to get to class, if our classes are extra welcoming and embracing diversity, we make it easier for marginalised peeps to get to class and learn to dance. I think it’s important for us, in this political climate, to do what we can […]

  • Basie

    The footage at the end is probably a mix of the 1938 gig and a 1950s Newport gig but YOLO BASIE LIVE

  • I am involved with feminism

    Before I went off on my trip last month I did a little interview with the blokes from ‘From the Top’, a radio show produced by ig hop in Vienna. They’re doing some really interesting work there, with an exciting Dancers in Residence program, the usual round of parties (with unique and A1 art) and […]

  • Happy International Women’s Day!

    Hey, happy International Women’s Day, friends. In previous years I’ve listed women dancers (2011, 2012, 2013, and in 2014 I was distracted). This year I’ve been too busy to do daily posts, but I did write this on the facey today: Happy international women’s day, everyone! IWD has a nicely worker-centred history (, and it’s […]

  • Remind yourself that you are a jazz dancer

    There’s recently been a fairly loud and emotional discussion about sexual violence in lindy hop. I don’t want to rehash it here, because I find it very upsetting. Rehashing this stuff in detail disempowers me. I don’t want to discuss the male teacher named in this discussion, because I don’t want this to be all […]

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