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  • Developing a practical covid plan: What if someone won’t do x, y, or z?

    Today I was talking to someone completely unconnected to the dance world, and they asked what I’d been doing lately. I mentioned that I’d been been working on a covid policy, and it was really interesting because it was a way to talk about flatter power structures (and fighting The Man). I wanted to do […]

  • the basics of dealing with sexual harassment in lindy hop

    ok, I have a bit more time to write. ==First off. This work will fuck you up.== I and every other woman I know who’s worked extensively on this topic since 2015 (and before) is massively burnt out, and dealt/dealing with vicarious trauma from this work. Many of us (all of us?) have been subjected […]

  • Playing jazz music in the age of COVID

    So we know that musicians need/want to work. And we also know that their work (and creative practice) involves risky behaviour. So how do we make sure musicians minimise risk, for themselves and their audiences? The best model is really to have musicians develop safe work practices, then peer-pressure their colleagues into doing things the […]

  • Do some teacher training!

    Ok, dancers, another thing you can do, while you’re not allowed to lindy hop because you might kill someone. Do some teacher training, on your own or with your teaching team: Learn about the history(s) of dances, and how you will integrate that into your classes so it’s fun and useful, and not just a […]

  • I’d like to see the Australian Ballet do THIS

    Dance people! Argh! You’re home, you can’t dance or see your mates, you are going nuts. What can you do? If only we had a pool of highly motivated, experienced volunteers and managerial types with time on their hands. If only we had an extensive network of local, national, and international people who liked doing […]

  • Time to stop dancing, Sydney

    Time to cancel your partner dance classes, Sydney. Gotta flatten that curve. I know. I’m usually all in favour of curves. The more the better. But not this time. Our government is only enforcing a ban on gatherings of 500 or more people at the moment. But they’re normal people, not lindy hoppers or (god […]

  • Why do I go back to Herrang each year?

    Why do I go back to Herrang? I’m going to assume that you know what Herrang dance camp is, and that you have some passing familiarity with concerns about the enterprise. People who know me are surprised that I keep returning to an event that seems to break all my personal and professional rules. Why […]

  • Gofund me update

    What’s going on with my Australian Safe Space Legal Fund? Here is the latest update: Hello friends! You’ve no doubt been wondering what’s been happening with this project. Well, here are the details. I’ve paused the fundraising element of this campaign, as we have raised enough money to cover the latest round of legal fees. […]

  • Safety and dance: the limits of the law

    The laws that the state and nation have in place to dictate how we touch each other may not be good laws. eg in NSW, Australia, the legal system does not adequately protect us from sexual assault and harassment. The laws are inadequate, the legal system (from police to courts) do not prevent or protect […]

  • More than a Code of Conduct

    I have some feels about this topic, largely based on my experiences writing and thinking about sexual assault and harassment, and on my experiences as an event and school manager, dance teacher, and DJ. But mostly as a consumer and attendee: someone who’s tried to get help at events. With specific regards to a code […]