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  • A practical covid management plan that is socially responsible

    I’m currently working on a covid management plan for a dance school. I’m quite enjoying the process. Here’s the process: –The Plan– Restating the org’s values Which helped me understand how and why the org would develop a covid policy, what issues to focus on, and how to implement it, Which ensured we were all […]

  • A known offender is teaching at a local event. What do you do?

    A known offender is teaching at an event in your area. What do you do? I’d probably think local. You can’t change the entire world, but you can be useful to local people. You know you and your mates won’t go (because you know who he is and what he’s done), but do the people […]

  • covid19, HIV/AIDS, and community responses

    A straight white male musician recently commented in a discussion about covid19 that covid19 and AIDS have not had the same effects on the community. I disagree. Actually the comparison with AIDS is particularly powerful because it _did_ see a community shut down social spaces and completely change cultural practices. Gay men closed bath houses, […]

  • Queer black men

    I really like the way this story is reframed to focus on a queer black man as hero by this queer black jewish man*. *Michael Twitty is a cook and scholar who focusses on the black jewish food traditions of America and the African diaspora. He has a book, goves good twitter, and could tell […]

  • on bodily autonomy and abortion

    I’ve seen this image being circulated a bit on facebook this week. [Text reads:] “My body, my choice” only makes sense when someone else’s life isn’t at stake.” reply: Fun fact: If my younger sister was in a car accident and desperately needed a blood transfusion to live, and I was the only person on […]

  • What next after Codes of Conduct?

    A few years ago, in 2015, I did a survey of Australian dance events, to see if they included a code of conduct on their event websites. There were mixed results, including a fairly unpleasant email from the organiser of an event which did not have a CoC at the time, and has since folded. […]

  • Public Transport report. Mardi Gras special update.

    Public Transport report. Mardi Gras special update. Numbers of middle aged couples in sandals on buses will treble. Be prepared to assist with directions and opal cards. Glitter will increase slipping hazards at key inner west stops. Beware. Proper seasonal greeting: Happy Mardi Gras!

  • What is the problem with teaching ‘traditional’ gender roles in lindy hop?

    On the face of it, nothing. There is nothing wrong with teaching a class where students experiment with ‘gendered’ movements. In fact, a class like that is very powerful and empowering, because it teaches us how gendered movement is constructed and learnt through the way we hold our bodies, the speed of our movements, how […]

  • Looking for Langston

    Speaking of the black experience in jazz and blues dance… I haven’t yet ready anything in the blues and lindy hop community about the black queer male body dancing. There’s been some good work on black women’s bodily experiences in modern jazz dance culture, and a bit about black masculinity. Quite a few too many […]