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  • Why do I go back to Herrang each year?

    Why do I go back to Herrang? I’m going to assume that you know what Herrang dance camp is, and that you have some passing familiarity with concerns about the enterprise. People who know me are surprised that I keep returning to an event that seems to break all my personal and professional rules. Why […]

  • What is gliding?

    Basically, it’s just moving around the dance floor in closed, doing whatever rhythms you like. “Just grab your partner and move over the floor” I’ve been in classes with all sorts of teachers, who’ve taught it in different ways. Because it’s so simple, you can adapt it to teach all sorts of skills and concepts. […]

  • BLACK lindy hop matters

    My problem with discussions about the ‘lindy hop revival’ is that it is centred on whether or not the lindy hop died out. This way of talking and thinking about lindy hop and black dance and music is all about non-black people trying to force a particular paradigm (way of thinking) onto black history and […]

  • Famous

    Just fyi: link

  • Who is responsible for fighting racism in dance?

    White people, particularly white people of influence (like dance teachers) need to get their learn on. Rather than placing the burden of policing racism on the backs of people of colour, white people need to listen to people of colour, and start policing their own behaviours. Just as men need to be responsible for policing […]

  • A lot of white people will be uncomfortable.

    Nathan Sentance’s piece Diversity means Disruption (November 28, 2018) is important. It addresses the experiences of people of colour (specifically first nations people) within arts and information institutions – libraries, museums, galleries. My own background is in universities and libraries, with my information management postgrad work focussing on the management of first nations’ collections and […]

  • Gaslighting within safe space activism

    After dealing with sexual assault and harassment in public dance forums for a number of years now, I’ve noticed a clear ‘type’. He presents as a feminist ally, someone who knows a lot about antisocial behaviour and feminism, and professes to be very anti-hegemonic masculinity. Yet he’s always the loudest voice in a fb conversation, […]

  • Intersectionalism and activism

    There’s been a reluctance to engage with intersectionalism when addressing sexual assault in the swing dance world. If we want to end assault and harrassment we also need to address racism. Why are there so few women of colour in the American lindy hop scene? One of the reasons is that they bear the double […]

  • Where you might begin in developing a code of conduct or safety policy

    Ok, so I’ve been looking at how we might develop a ‘how to develop a safe space policy’ guide. I’ve only got a sample size of two, but I wonder if this is a useful approach: You need to know your local laws regarding sexual harassment and assault. So a google search will help. I […]

  • Language is important: active and passive voice

    (source) [text: How many women are killed by men men kill women every year? How many women are raped by men men rape women every year? How many women are assaulted by men men assault women every year? Stop making the conversation about violence against women passive.] A friend asked about this: I don’t understand, […]