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  • The revivalist narrative will not die.

    I keep coming across white organisations telling a ‘history’ of lindy hop that gives ‘the revival’ pride of place. ie white people claiming the modern lindy hop world as their own altruistic work. So the term ‘revival’ is problematic because it implies that lindy hop was dead (replaced by rock and roll and/or bebop) before […]

  • Things to take to Herrang

    Each year I forget something. So I’m going to write a list of stuff. Most of my stuff also has to travel to places like Seoul and other cities before it gets to Herrang, so it has to be multi-use. I’m usually in Herrang for two weeks, and I assume I’ll be staying somewhere where […]

  • Why do I go back to Herrang each year?

    Why do I go back to Herrang? I’m going to assume that you know what Herrang dance camp is, and that you have some passing familiarity with concerns about the enterprise. People who know me are surprised that I keep returning to an event that seems to break all my personal and professional rules. Why […]

  • Eat Your Jazz: Herräng’s ‘no’ list and the advantages of limitations

    The now-infamous ‘Herräng no list’ came up in my interview with Ryan for his podcast. I’m not sure how it developed, but this ‘no list’ was a complement to the ‘yes list’, which sadly gets a lot less attention. These lists were playlists on spotify developed as a general guide to the type of music […]

  • clapping, slapping, scatting, and dancing

    The other week in Herrang at the Bad Taste party, I was given permission to go off-piste. I’m usually very reluctant to go the stunt DJing route, but I’d spent the hour before my set in the DJ office listening to all the types of music that comes from New Orleans, but never gets played […]

  • Team DJ Herräng 2016

    Once again, I’m writing a post that’s meant to be short, but will no doubt be enormous. This summer I was a staff DJ at Herräng Dance Camp for week 3 of the 5 week camp. You can read about Herräng in this post. Herräng uses staff DJs and volunteer/guest DJs for music each night […]

  • What is the Herräng dance camp?

    I’m just back from two weeks at the Herräng Dance Camp in Sweden. Just in case you didn’t know, the Herräng dance camp runs for 5 weeks in a little town in Sweden called Herräng. Herräng focuses on the American vernacular swing dance tradition. That means all the dancing and music in the program (and […]

  • I am involved with feminism

    Before I went off on my trip last month I did a little interview with the blokes from ‘From the Top’, a radio show produced by ig hop in Vienna. They’re doing some really interesting work there, with an exciting Dancers in Residence program, the usual round of parties (with unique and A1 art) and […]

  • DJ slow down and fail

    DJ Slow Down And Fail from dogpossum on 8tracks Radio. This is an example of how not to play a late night lindy hop set. I started at 4.30am and finished at 7.30am. The first part of the set (35 songs before these ones) were high energy, lots of fun. It was a Tuesday night, […]

  • Meat and Potatoes

    I went pretty hard on the heavy, chunky stuff at Herrang this year. Mostly because I was hearing a lot of tinkly cerebral jazz and got a bit bored. On Wednesday night I DJed a taxi dance for charity, where teachers danced with anyone who’d pay 20 crowns. It was a hard gig. The tempos […]