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  • 1970s New York, nunchucks, and radicalism

    A friend posted this the other day, and it pinged my radar. The ban on nunchucks within the New York city limits was instituted in 1974, the year this song was released: In this USAToday article discussing the changing of legislation, they write “The ruling went over the history of the ban, and said it […]

  • BridgertonWhistledownFeatherington Samantha Samanthason

    I’m rewatching Bridgerton, and this time I’m actually watching the screen. You know, there’s a fair bit of nudity in this show. Had anyone else realised this? Observations: – The littlest Bridgerton boy doesn’t know his right from his left. – Insufficient lesbians. – The race stuff is truly truly bad. If you can have […]

  • Small Axes

    I’m part way through ep1 of Small Axe, a BBC short film series about the West Indian community in London in the 1960s-80s. It’s directed by Steve McQueen and has a w o w cast (incl. Letita Wright and John Boyega). If you want to know about the Black migrant history of the UK during […]

  • fashion docos

    I’m nuts about fashion docos, and this week I saw First Monday in May, about the Met’s gala, and specifically, about the China Through The Looking Glass gala. It’s a clever bit of documentary making. I was really digging the way it set up the discussion of orientalism/racism at work in the exhibition… or was […]

  • race, food, bikes, gender

    Another reminder that green/feminist movements are as marked by gender and class as right wing politics… I’m seeing correlations between slutwalk discourse and this little trail of articles dealing with race/food politics/gardening/environmentalism/cycling. While I’m fascinated by discussions of food and health and environmentalism as a socialist project, for a while now I’ve had a little […]

  • eurovision

    That is all.

  • hot male bodies

    I talk an awful lot about women’s bodies, and women and the erotic gaze. I am, of course, working with the assumption that most dance performances are geared towards a male gaze, which Laura Mulvey introduces in her 1975 article “Visual Pleasure and Narrative Cinema”, and which caused such a stir Screen then devoted an […]

  • excellently Bgrade SF telly

    I will watch any SF or supernatural television program at least once. Some stick, some don’t. I favour programs with female protagonists. I like queer stories or subtexts because they tend to fuck up the gender norms. Besides the usual big names (Buffy, Dr Who), I am also into Bgrade stuff. Mostly because Bgrade stuff […]

  • dull with a side of dreary

    The rain has eased a bit, and Brisbane is recovering. Slowly. Here in Sydney the weather turned mild, but the humidity increased, and we’ve had drizzles of rain off and on every other day. I’ve been crocheting like a crazy person (you can see some of the amigurumi I’ve been doing here) and watching lots […]

  • sinister blues

    I just want to keep a copy of this comment from faceplant, because I think it’s interesting. I’ve been thinking about and playing some music that I think of as ‘sinister blues’. I call it that mostly because I remember seeing the Belle and Sebastian CD If you’re feeling sinister on the coffee table when […]