slutwalk: but wait – there’s more!

@anti_kate has just drawn my attention to Four Brief Critiques of SlutWalk’s Whiteness, Privilege and Unexamined Power Dynamics, an article examining the way slutwalk fails to engage with race, class and privilege.

I do recommend reading this. It actually articulates a lot of the concerns I was having with slutwalk. It also makes me wonder: if it’s not plugged into the women’s movement, will it be as well organised as the Reclaim the Night marches? It’s a provocative theme, will the organisers have taken sufficient care with participants’ safety? I mean, will there be marshalls and safety plans?

…so I’m back to not being ok with slutwalk. It’s tiring, being so unsure of my feelings about this. But then, I figure that’s a good thing. It’s good to revise and revisit your politics and ideas about power and society. I am a work in progress.

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