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  • walklondon tube map

    The walklondon walking subway map, a project created by Joe Watson and Aryven Arasen for Walkunlimited, is pretty interesting. It maps the walking time between London tube spots, and notes the landmarks that you’d see on that walking route. The goal was to get people walking instead of freaking out during a tube strike. It’s […]

  • Another shit-stirrer post about teaching

    I’ve been thinking quite a bit lately about why people teach, and what they get out of it (for obvious reasons). There is this idea in the lindy hop world that we should all sacrifice lots ‘for the community’. As though ‘the community’ was this really huge thing, larger and more important than all of […]

  • pilates

    I have taken up pilates. God, my fucking abs. My arse. Oh god.

  • Here are all the thoughts

    This is a journal type blog entry, rather than a cleverly developed argument or discussion. Because I just can’t be fucked. I went to see Tuba Skinny again last night and stayed up too late and it was all fun. Except I got quite tired by the end because I had had a big day […]

  • January round up

    (photo of Mary Lou Williams, extremely awesome woman pianist, who fucking PWND the fairly dick-centred boogiewoogie piano world, from here. She was all about OWNING the discourse.) I’m back running, desperate to get some serious exercise during the christmas dancing drought. So far it’s going well, except today I did run 2 of week 2 […]

  • Gender is a Social Construction

    gender is a social construction, originally uploaded by dogpossum. Now I know why the physio told me not to worry about the fact that the little figures in my exercise diagrams were all men. -> -> he was trying to tell me that gender is a social construction and that his physios truly don’t fuss […]

  • Link round up: competition and lindy hop

    Giselle Anguizola & Chance Bushman vs. Hyunjung Choi & Soochan Lee, ULHS 2011 prelims I don’t have time/brain to make this a proper story right now, but there are some interesting bits and pieces about judging dance comps floating about at the moment: Bug’s Question of the Day (on FB), Friday 11 Nov 2011 9:38am: […]

  • (Try To) Write About Jazz

    (Photo of Amiri Baraka by Pat A. Robinson, stoled from here). Long time no post. I’ve been busy with a few different projects lately, most of them impeded by vast quantities of randomly-generated anxiety. I’m bossing some DJs for MLX11, I’m bossing some DJs locally, I’m sorting some solo dance practices, I’m looking at venues, […]

  • race, food, bikes, gender

    Another reminder that green/feminist movements are as marked by gender and class as right wing politics… I’m seeing correlations between slutwalk discourse and this little trail of articles dealing with race/food politics/gardening/environmentalism/cycling. While I’m fascinated by discussions of food and health and environmentalism as a socialist project, for a while now I’ve had a little […]

  • Fuck that shit. I’m not wearing no fucking high heeled shoes.

    [EDIT: this is a post responding to a series of arguments provoked by Sarah’s post. Some she makes herself, some have been made by other people. EDIT no2: if you’re just new here (and I’m suddenly getting a lot of traffic), you might be interested in reading about my general philosophy of following here. Might […]