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  • Time lines of Black dance as white patriarchy

    Someone on fb recently asked: “Question: has someone made a visual timeline/lineage of Lindy Hop? Is this a good idea?” I dislike the linear timeline model because: It puts Africa in the past, when helloooo it’s not; It uses a very western hierarchy of value with a particular dance or people as the apex or […]

  • on bodily autonomy and abortion

    I’ve seen this image being circulated a bit on facebook this week. [Text reads:] “My body, my choice” only makes sense when someone else’s life isn’t at stake.” reply: Fun fact: If my younger sister was in a car accident and desperately needed a blood transfusion to live, and I was the only person on […]

  • Cognitive load and lindy hop

    Leah Jo linked up this interesting article, ‘Cognitive Load Theory How the cognitive load of a learning task affects a person’s ability to memorize it’ on facebork. It’s very interesting. Fran then asked about the point that because processing more than one type of data increases cognitive load, we should avoid it. I’m not entirely […]

  • Looking for Langston

    Speaking of the black experience in jazz and blues dance… I haven’t yet ready anything in the blues and lindy hop community about the black queer male body dancing. There’s been some good work on black women’s bodily experiences in modern jazz dance culture, and a bit about black masculinity. Quite a few too many […]

  • Remind me

    to write about the connections between: link (linky c/o Wandering and Pondering) this: linky this: linky this: linky these Klee (1928): Life magazine in the 20s: Australian modernism and plays with perspective: Al and Leon doing demos in the 1950s, Spirit Moves, 50s Duke Ellington, bop and the polyphonic qualities of early NOLA jazz.

  • Swinging with Duke

    This is a post about Duke Ellington and dance, because he is on my mind at the moment. I’ve recently discovered the 1951/52 stuff by the Johnny Hodges band on this dodgy digital download album Pound of Blues is really great for teaching dance, particularly choreography which recognises strict phrasing. It’s good, solid stuff, and […]

  • Euthanasia, ‘disability’ and human rights

    I’ve read two interesting pieces about Peter Singer this week. Harriet McBryde Johnson’s 2003 piece is deeply moving Unspeakable Conversations and Stella Young’s piece The case against Peter Singer from today is a response to his recent visit to Australia. Twitter was alive this week during Singer’s spot on Q&A (Big Ideas and Big Society: […]

  • News: Coleman Hawkins and Lomax

    This Jazzwax post “Coleman Hawkins: 1922-1947” is an interesting complement to the Mosaic Coleman Hawkins set and to the idea of Anthologies or collections of individual works as a creative product in its own right (as I began discussing in my post “More thoughts, also illness-addled and pseudoephedrine-fuelled.“). I’m also interested in the new film […]

  • Some links from this afternoon

    This playlist: Eleven charming songs from dogpossum on 8tracks. These lyrics from ‘Honeymoon Suite’ Music & Lyrics by Suzanne Vega the ceiling had a painting on it in our room in France so we were living underneath some angels in a dance my husband was not feeling well and so we went to bed he […]

  • January round up

    (photo of Mary Lou Williams, extremely awesome woman pianist, who fucking PWND the fairly dick-centred boogiewoogie piano world, from here. She was all about OWNING the discourse.) I’m back running, desperate to get some serious exercise during the christmas dancing drought. So far it’s going well, except today I did run 2 of week 2 […]