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  • How much will you pay Black dancers; how much will you pay for Black art?

    One of the things I’ve thought about a lot over the years, running workshop weekends, is how much we pay teachers. My general policy with paying teachers is that I always pay what they ask (I never bargain them down), I always pay teachers the same rate (so never paying less to the female partner, […]

  • Doing antiracism in lindy hop

    I’ve been chasing down as many of the antiracist groups in the lindy hop world as I can find. I want to make a list here, so people can have it as a resource. And by people I mean me, and by have, I mean share. I’m thinking the groups that are specifically anti-racist in […]

  • DJing for Tracktown Swing

    More lovely DJing, this time with the very nice Track Town Swing at their Online Jazz Party (which is on every month). I didn’t have a plan, or anything in particular prepared, though I did plop some songs in my maybe list while I was listening to the DJs before me. I have had an […]

  • Mills Blue Rhythm Band soundie

    1. This features a dood jump roping to a jazz band. 2. The comedian Hamtree Harrington is in this, and he’s the guy looking for a dance partner (and eventually winning) the dance contest in the Keep Punchin’ (Big Apple) soundie. And this character inspired the character and dance scene in Spike Lee’s film Malcolm […]

  • DJing on the internet! I LIKE it!

    Yesterday I DJed a really nice zoom party/listening session for the San Antonio Swing Dance Society in Texas. I was in Sydney (still am), but perhaps one unexpected perks of a pandemic, is dance scenes’ refocussing on their local community. Quite a few local scenes have been running regular online meet-ups for the crews, keeping […]

  • MBRB

    Gee that Mills Blue Rhythm Band is good. I keep forgetting, and then I come back to them, and my mind is blown again. The ‘band’ itself has an interesting history, and is worth looking up. I’ve just relistened to this song, Let’s Get Together (1937). There’s something about the relationship between bass and guitar […]

  • racist microaggression in the workplace

    Peeps might be into this? It’s a bite-sized discussion with Dr Kathomi Gatwiri about racism and microaggressions in the workplace, with a side order of Bla(c)k Lives Matter in the Australian context. nb I’ve similar strategies employefd by sexual offenders in the dance world.

  • BridgertonWhistledownFeatherington Samantha Samanthason

    I’m rewatching Bridgerton, and this time I’m actually watching the screen. You know, there’s a fair bit of nudity in this show. Had anyone else realised this? Observations: – The littlest Bridgerton boy doesn’t know his right from his left. – Insufficient lesbians. – The race stuff is truly truly bad. If you can have […]

  • stop

    Stop interviewing fascists and racists and asking them what they think. I’m looking at you, Sarah Bloody Ferguson.

  • paper and stuff at the NLA

    Dance cards? Band posters? Play bills? Printed emphemera (NLA).