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  • Promoting your dance or jazz music business online

    Here are some things I’ve learnt about promoting dance or music related businesses online. I’m not a marketing specialist, but I am a media studies specialist who’s been promoting dance events online for about 15 years now. You need a website. You need an email newsletter. Why? With both of these media, you are the […]

  • Mobile-friendly websites are important for lindy hop (durh)

    Rolling out the mobile-friendly update is an interesting thing: I’m particularly interested in the way it affects dance event sites (of course). Dancers use dance sites with mobile devices (particularly during a big dance event weekend), and most people first come to lindy hop through a google search. So mobile-friendly websites with good googles are […]

  • But she deserved it. She was the one opening her mouth, right?

    No, actually. That’s incorrect. So far’s I can tell, this is how it goes: Sister writes moderately feminist (not especially radical feminist) piece about gender shit in dancing. Some of her peeps read it, link it up. Word circulates. Peeps get to chatting. Tumblr gets a-whirring. Discourse, discussion, grown up talk and thinking happens. All […]

  • busted styles

    I’m having a go at sorting the style sheets again, so things are going to look a bit dodgy til I get everything sorted. Sorry about that.

  • digitising public collections – a long talk

    This post is going to be a bit of a mishmash of thinking I’ve done in my classes this semester (I’m looking at digital archiving and organising information digitally), my previous work during my PhD (I was interested in how communities of users employ a range of digital tools to complement their face to face […]

  • house keeping

    I am, very slowly, making my way through the styles on this site, fixing things up. But it’s a bit annoying because Movable Type really does suck these days. I’m looking at moving over to something else (WordPress perhaps?) but I don’t really think that’s going to happen any time soon. There’s too much backing […]

  • website

    I’m going to try to sort this site so that: you don’t have to look at those boring fitness updates; that annoying line/space problem on the entry titles is fixed the individual entry pages look better; it’s easier to navigate back through entries Best not hold your breath.

  • look, no hands

    I’m copying Alice’s work and having a bash at some photoshop tutorials. You MUST go and look at Alice’s work – it’s freakin’ sweet. Mine is a little dodgier: If you can’t see all the image, best to click through to the permalink. It’s not really finished. Basically, it took me hours to get to […]

  • round up

    Just in case you were wondering why I’d suddenly gone all boring… I’ve been very busy writing a paper for a media convergence collection/special ed of a journal/thingy. So I am making a really crappy rough draft at the moment. Soon it will be beautiful, but before it’s beautiful, the editing will be horrible. I […]

  • spam ON!

    Is all this spam about diet pills trying to tell me something? And this stuff: How many times did you get unhappy after noticing you keep ordering pizza after pizza? would carry greater weight (tee hee) if I hadn’t recently rediscovered Crust (the seafood pizza was more wonderful than words can describe – and all […]