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  • Balancing safety with community impatience online talk

    Now we’re opening up in Sydney, I’m seeing an (understandable) impatience to ‘return to normal dancing’ that has some problems. People pushing to social dance in public bars, talk that normalises dancing, misreading public health guidelines in ways that support their POV. After all, to _have_ social dancing, individuals need dance partners. As many as […]

  • Ways climate change is affecting lindy hop in Australia

    – We don’t run events in January and February as it’s too physically hot, and December is on the way out. This means that we’ll lose a quarter of the calendar year for big weekend events; – Musicians can’t make gigs because they’ve lost their homes in bushfires. This means that our world standard jazz […]

  • What if an employer only offers pay for the leader/male teacher, not the follower/female teacher?

    how to respond respectfully and educationally? Definitely address this, as it will have issues later on. I’d use a friendly, bright and breezy writing style, yet with a core of iron. eg Hi [name], So nice to hear from you. We’d love to teach at [event], and I think [name] and [name] would be a […]

  • Dealing with men who use classes to pick up

    Men propositioning women in class, touching too much, touching inappropriately, and all that other gross harassment stuff sucks. But you can totally resolve this! We always begin the ‘touching’ part of class (ie after warm ups, etc) by saying, ‘this is a partner dance. I’m the follow, x is the lead.’ Then we demo some […]

  • Independent students and the I-go You-go game (part 4: Teaching ethos and goals)

    Other posts in this series: Independent students and the I-go You-go game (part 1: a class structure) Independent students and the I-go You-go game (part 2: I-go You-go) Independent students and the I-go You-go game (part 3: graduated challenges and application) Independent students and the I-go You-go game (part 4: Teaching ethos and goals) How […]

  • Class ‘content’

    We’ve just finished a six week long beginner lindy hop block. This whole block could be summarised in one hour (as we did tonight) with the below points. If I had time, I’d also list the specific class plans we had for each individual class. Specific dance stuff: – gliding (dancing in closed with no […]

  • Figuring out how to teach content in class is lots of work

    Lian noted in the teaching swing dance group the other day: …in the past few years when planning class material, I’ve found it super helpful to focus on HOW we’ll teach it… Will we have them do it solo first, how about shuffling through geography before diving in with footwork, or a progressive series of […]

  • Teaching: handling distraction and disruption

    Someone in the fb ‘teaching swing dance’ group asked this the other day: Question – How do you handle distractions and/or disruptions When your students are simply distracted or causing disruptions When you as a teacher are distracted and/or having trouble staying focused *Waving to you all from my own little ADHD corner of the […]