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  • Remind yourself that you are a jazz dancer

    There’s recently been a fairly loud and emotional discussion about sexual violence in lindy hop. I don’t want to rehash it here, because I find it very upsetting. Rehashing this stuff in detail disempowers me. I don’t want to discuss the male teacher named in this discussion, because I don’t want this to be all […]

  • Names, namelessness, power, appropriation

    This story about nameless creators and recipes reminds me so much of contemporary jazz and swing dance. Recipes With No Name (Fabio Parasecoli Mar 09, 2012).

  • DJing is not politically neutral

    Lots of DJs talk a lot about mac and great their products are. I use mac products. I’m not in love with them the way many mac users are, but I certainly enjoy using them more than the Microsoft products I’ve used, and I’ve not explored Linux or other options. But how should I feel […]