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  • 30 foods a day

    I quite like these stories about lunch times in Japanese schools. The bit that western journalists seem to fixate on is the lower obesity rates in Japanese kids. The bit that I’m really interested in is the ’30 foods a day’ rule. Followed closely by the importance of sitting down at a shared table to […]

  • Drawing a line from pathologising Black bodies to lindy hop

    What if Doctors Stopped Prescribing Weight Loss? Women, and particularly women of colour, are less likely to have their health concerns addressed by medical professionals. Doctors and health care workers are more likely to emphasise weight loss as a ‘cure’ for various ailments than any other therapy. This interesting article discusses how medical discourse pathologises […]

  • Bunya pines and murri knowledge

    There are a bunch of bunya pines in Ashfield park, and a huge one up on Charlotte Street. The pine cones are epic huge. HUGE. And edible. They only grow wild in Gubbi Gubbi, Waka Waka, and Yuggera country, places which have been called South East Queensland since invasion. A story about Bunya Dreaming festival. […]

  • Food and Dance; as ordinary as oxygen

    Soul Food Junkies (broadcast version) from Sonia Gonzalez-Martinez on Vimeo. This is a really great little docco. As you’ve probably figured out, one of my favourite ways of experiencing the places I visit is to see what people eat, how they eat it, and where they get it. I especially like ‘ordinary’ or ‘everyday’ food […]

  • Fart cauliflower

    We have had a lot of cauliflower in our veggie box recently, so we’ve made a lot of fart cauliflower. It freezes beautifully, is easy to make, and is quite soothing if you are feeling a bit niggeldy. Exclude the chilli if you don’t like it too spicy. Eat it with rice and yoghurt. Sorry […]

  • Another shit-stirrer post about teaching

    I’ve been thinking quite a bit lately about why people teach, and what they get out of it (for obvious reasons). There is this idea in the lindy hop world that we should all sacrifice lots ‘for the community’. As though ‘the community’ was this really huge thing, larger and more important than all of […]

  • Lemon parsley sauce

    Make this and serve it with roasted veggies, some greens and poached eggs, or with salmon. 1 bunch flat leaf parsley 6 anchovy fillets 2 tbsp capers grated zest 2 lemons 1/2 cup lemon juice 1/4 cup olive oil ground pepper Whizz everything except the olive oil and pepper in the food processor. Then add […]

  • The Rules of Connection: I think about pedagogy, lindy hop and ideology

    Once again, Bug’s Question of the Day has my brain working. Recently there was a paper published in Research and Dance Education on “frame matching” where it is proposed that there is a “universal” methedology of lead/follow that can apply to all partner dances. However is it really Universal? I often hear complaints from […]

  • No Meat Week continues… and continues…

    Laura linked me up with the Guardian article “Hugh Fearnley-Whittingstall: the joy of veg” and it reminded me that I’d been talking about our no meat week here and not reported on it recently. We are still not cooking meat at home for dinner. It’s been ages, and we’ve only cooked meat perhaps 6 times […]

  • Live Music and Dance Economies + beer

    I’m afraid this isn’t a terribly well written or thought out post. Spring has struck, my sinuses are buzzing with histamines and my brain is running slow and foggy. But I wanted to join up all these issues before I forgot them. So this is a story about liquor licensing, live music economies (financial and […]