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  • Cloudland Ballroom

    Ah, Brisbane under Joh. A horrible time for everyone. In 1982 the Deen Bros did as they’d done (and would do) a million times more, they tore down a historic Brisbane building at the government’s instruction, and with dubious legality. Cloudland Ballroom. Here are a bunch of photos to make you feel sad.

  • The influence of Frankie Manning on my lindy hop history

    As I mentioned in the Frankie Fest post the other day, we’re teaching Frankie Manning themed classes this month at our weekly class. That means Frankie Manning themed lindy hop in the first class, and then Frankie Manning themed solo dance in the second class. Although making the distinction between the two seems to deliberately […]

  • The season of snot and ridiculously beautiful parrots

    IMGP6151_rainbow-lorikeet, originally uploaded by RaeAllen. It’s spring here in Sydney (well, summer, technically), and that means flowers and pollen and snot. We’re in a temperate/subtropical zone, near the coast, and we get masses and masses of rain in the spring and autumn months. The European seasons are particularly useless as guides to weather in Sydney… […]

  • zoot suit riot (riot)

    All that talk about neo swing in that last blog post has had me thinking about zoot suits. There’s lots of bullshit ‘scholarship’ around about zoot suits. The best thing I’ve ever read about them was a book chapter called “The Right to the City in Los Angeles: Discourse and Practice of a Chicano Alternative […]

  • No Meat Week: Monday (& Sunday)

    We’ve been living the CSIRO lifestyle for a year or two now, and while I like the lighter evening meals (without carbs), we’ve been struggling, ethically, with the amount of meat the diet includes. Also, it’s bad for your guts. So I’ve instituted a week without meat. I’ve lived the vegetarian lifestyle here and there […]

  • it’s raining here, a bit

    It’s raining a lot in Brisbane, and I’ve finally managed to ascertain the whereabouts of the various family members who’ve been Left Behind while the rest of us fled south. I am now also sure my Brisvegan friends are safe and well. No one is injured or missing, and we southerners are very relieved. Meanwhile, […]

  • let’s say no to perforations

    Three interstate trips in one month. No more, thanks. Conference, christmas and a funeral. Brisvegas was interesting and I quite liked seeing it – it’s changed, I’ve changed, so it’s kind of nice that we could get together again after seven years and find that we had lots to talk about and quite liked each […]

  • tell me place and geography aren’t important here

    There’s been a bit of talk about Helen Garner around the traps recently: Mz Tartan mentions her talk at the Mildura writers’ festival and writes in greater detail on the topic here on Sarsaparilla ampersand duck wrote Garner a love letter here, which I must admit, I’d probably copy and post to Helen myself and […]