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  • how do you get women leads?

    Sydney now has a very strong culture of ‘anyone can lead or follow if they like, and it’s ok if you just want to do one and it happens to align with your gender ID’. There are a number of reasons for this – a queer swing dance school who also run a big event; […]

  • Ways climate change is affecting lindy hop in Australia

    – We don’t run events in January and February as it’s too physically hot, and December is on the way out. This means that we’ll lose a quarter of the calendar year for big weekend events; – Musicians can’t make gigs because they’ve lost their homes in bushfires. This means that our world standard jazz […]

  • Fun lindy hop routines

    This is the performance from Camp Hollywood I keep coming back to. Choreographed by Bethany Powell & Stefan Durham, performed by lovely Swingin’ Denver people. I love their costumes (Delilah inspired, I’m guessing), I love the song (The Stuff is here and it’s mellow by Cleo Brown), and I love the routine itself. Typically Bethany […]

  • Why do I go back to Herrang each year?

    Why do I go back to Herrang? I’m going to assume that you know what Herrang dance camp is, and that you have some passing familiarity with concerns about the enterprise. People who know me are surprised that I keep returning to an event that seems to break all my personal and professional rules. Why […]

  • Gofund me update

    What’s going on with my Australian Safe Space Legal Fund? Here is the latest update: Hello friends! You’ve no doubt been wondering what’s been happening with this project. Well, here are the details. I’ve paused the fundraising element of this campaign, as we have raised enough money to cover the latest round of legal fees. […]

  • Buy more drinks, or fund jazz in new ways?

    The Unity Hall Jazz Band had the longest running jazz residency in the world. Their host, the Workers’ Bar and Restaurant in the Unity Hall Hotel, has just announced changes to their monthly program. Now the Unity Hall Jazz Band only play two weeks out of every four in the month. The third is given […]

  • I need some help paying my bills

    In which I uncomfortably ask for your help… As you may or may not know, in addition to ranting about stuff on facebook, I also do a bunch of practical things about sexual harassment and assault in the swing dance world. These include: – developing policies and processes for my own events, – consulting […]

  • Safety and dance: the limits of the law

    The laws that the state and nation have in place to dictate how we touch each other may not be good laws. eg in NSW, Australia, the legal system does not adequately protect us from sexual assault and harassment. The laws are inadequate, the legal system (from police to courts) do not prevent or protect […]

  • Who is responsible for enforcing safe spaces?

    With regards to ‘types of physical spaces’ and who is responsible for them… Let’s ask ourselves: who has the power here? I feel, personally, that if I know a person has assaulted or harassed someone, that I don’t want them at my event, and I don’t want to be at an event they’re at. Because […]

  • More than a Code of Conduct

    I have some feels about this topic, largely based on my experiences writing and thinking about sexual assault and harassment, and on my experiences as an event and school manager, dance teacher, and DJ. But mostly as a consumer and attendee: someone who’s tried to get help at events. With specific regards to a code […]