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  • Social media strategies and chillaxing the sales energy

    Reading through a few different style guides by different brands, I came across the Mailchimp style guide. One of the most interesting bits is the discussion of what they post on which social media channel: Mailchimp has a presence on most major social media platforms. Here are our most active accounts and what we usually […]

  • No. Don’t run your dance event.

    Everybody knows that a big international lindy hop event is the definition of a perfect pandemic super-spreading event? – You get a heap of people together from different regions – They do a heap of exercise, and they generate lots of saliva and snot and then they rub it all over their faces and and […]

  • I’d like to see the Australian Ballet do THIS

    Dance people! Argh! You’re home, you can’t dance or see your mates, you are going nuts. What can you do? If only we had a pool of highly motivated, experienced volunteers and managerial types with time on their hands. If only we had an extensive network of local, national, and international people who liked doing […]

  • How to plan an event cancellation

    How to go about responding to COVID-19 in Australia? A good starting point would be to collate: number of cases per state/australia sources for daily updates from gov legal recommendations from gov (eg we still allowed gathering in groups atm). Then each organisation should develop a long term plan and a short term. Even if […]

  • Our poor old industry

    So many event organisers, musicians, dance teachers, sound engineers losing thousands of dollars canceling events in the dance world. People in this industry really do live gig to gig. I had thought it was a bit on the nose for organisers to ask before, but if an event you’re registered for is cancelled, please consider […]

  • Carers’ passes!

    Topic: Carers’ Passes or Getting parents and carers into workshop weekends We’ve had a Carers’ Pass at Jazz BANG in Sydney forever, and before that at The Little Big Weekend …basically forever. It’s become almost a staple at all Australian events now. Each time I run a weekend event, I ask for comments and […]

  • Ways climate change is affecting lindy hop in Australia

    – We don’t run events in January and February as it’s too physically hot, and December is on the way out. This means that we’ll lose a quarter of the calendar year for big weekend events; – Musicians can’t make gigs because they’ve lost their homes in bushfires. This means that our world standard jazz […]

  • I need some help paying my bills

    In which I uncomfortably ask for your help… As you may or may not know, in addition to ranting about stuff on facebook, I also do a bunch of practical things about sexual harassment and assault in the swing dance world. These include: – developing policies and processes for my own events, – consulting […]

  • What next after Codes of Conduct?

    A few years ago, in 2015, I did a survey of Australian dance events, to see if they included a code of conduct on their event websites. There were mixed results, including a fairly unpleasant email from the organiser of an event which did not have a CoC at the time, and has since folded. […]

  • What if an employer only offers pay for the leader/male teacher, not the follower/female teacher?

    how to respond respectfully and educationally? Definitely address this, as it will have issues later on. I’d use a friendly, bright and breezy writing style, yet with a core of iron. eg Hi [name], So nice to hear from you. We’d love to teach at [event], and I think [name] and [name] would be a […]