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  • No, white people, you are not the victim here.

    There’s a debate going on over in the Teaching Swing Dance group on facebook. A black dancer posted a real yawp of a post: a loud, angry, upset, emotional, frustrated shout. About his experiences with white dancers, about the blowback to Ellie’s post, Cierra’s response, and his own attempts to enter the discussion. Basically, he […]

  • Stop dancing.

    Ellie Koepplinger explains why she stopped blues dancing. I think this is one of the most important posts of the last year. I like that she makes a very clear, no-bullshit point: stop dancing. It’s a challenge. To me, it says, “I’m asking you to put your money where your mouth is. Are you really […]

  • Why is it important to say that lindy hop is a black dance?

    The mighty Anaïs asked on fb today: the statement of the “African-American” quality of Jazz dance and Lindy hop has disappeared from the front page and main description of what was taught and celebrated at the Herräng Dance Camp…Why? Here is what I think. Herräng is a white-run and European-based business which gains much of […]

  • why the black kids sit together

    I was just watching this video ‘Why the Black Kids Still Sit Together’ feat. Beverly Daniel Tatum and thinking about how important it was to have critical mass of black dancers at Herrang this year in week 4. There was a moment after the meeting when I was watching the OGs hanging out with the […]