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  • Sit down, white people.

    So it seems that white people are having trouble dismantling racism in the lindy hop world. Despite at least 30 years* of hard work, we haven’t seen dancers deconstruct systems that privilege white men (for DJing, teaching, MCing, band, and other high profile gigs). Because the people with the power are white men, who, when […]

  • Pay the rent

    what should we do when a white teacher rewrites history to make them look virtuous? I’m not sure if this question from a fb discussion refers to deleting comments, or about teaching practice. If it’s the former, then it’s a matter of poor social media management. It’s quite common for inexperienced SM managers to delete […]

  • How to be ‘public’ dancers in a covid19 world

    I think you all know that I took a break from teaching and running classes last year in about June, before I went away for a long trip. I found it gave me a real break, and I liked it. Though I truly missed the actual teaching part, I didn’t and don’t miss the everyday […]

  • Landrights in Western Australia and the Yindjibarndi people

    Some very good news. The High Court has upheld the Yindjibarndi people’s native title rights to their land. Fortescue Metals Group applied to appeal these rights, and got a big ‘nope’ from the High Court. The Yindjibarndi people live in what has been called Western Australia since invasion, but has been black country for 40 […]

  • I’d like to see the Australian Ballet do THIS

    Dance people! Argh! You’re home, you can’t dance or see your mates, you are going nuts. What can you do? If only we had a pool of highly motivated, experienced volunteers and managerial types with time on their hands. If only we had an extensive network of local, national, and international people who liked doing […]

  • Time to stop dancing, Sydney

    Time to cancel your partner dance classes, Sydney. Gotta flatten that curve. I know. I’m usually all in favour of curves. The more the better. But not this time. Our government is only enforcing a ban on gatherings of 500 or more people at the moment. But they’re normal people, not lindy hoppers or (god […]

  • Ways climate change is affecting lindy hop in Australia

    – We don’t run events in January and February as it’s too physically hot, and December is on the way out. This means that we’ll lose a quarter of the calendar year for big weekend events; – Musicians can’t make gigs because they’ve lost their homes in bushfires. This means that our world standard jazz […]

  • Buy more drinks, or fund jazz in new ways?

    The Unity Hall Jazz Band had the longest running jazz residency in the world. Their host, the Workers’ Bar and Restaurant in the Unity Hall Hotel, has just announced changes to their monthly program. Now the Unity Hall Jazz Band only play two weeks out of every four in the month. The third is given […]

  • BLACK lindy hop matters

    My problem with discussions about the ‘lindy hop revival’ is that it is centred on whether or not the lindy hop died out. This way of talking and thinking about lindy hop and black dance and music is all about non-black people trying to force a particular paradigm (way of thinking) onto black history and […]

  • Safety and dance: the limits of the law

    The laws that the state and nation have in place to dictate how we touch each other may not be good laws. eg in NSW, Australia, the legal system does not adequately protect us from sexual assault and harassment. The laws are inadequate, the legal system (from police to courts) do not prevent or protect […]