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  • Swinging with Duke

    This is a post about Duke Ellington and dance, because he is on my mind at the moment. I’ve recently discovered the 1951/52 stuff by the Johnny Hodges band on this dodgy digital download album Pound of Blues is really great for teaching dance, particularly choreography which recognises strict phrasing. It’s good, solid stuff, and […]

  • Leia, New Republic Chief of State

    before the Battle of Hoth, when Leia’s instructing the pilots on their escape plan, not one of the rebels in the group want to know why they are being given their orders by a woman (who, as far we know, is not a pilot like them). She’s an effective general to them, and is afforded […]

  • More jazz photos

    Illinois Jacquet and Harry Edison on set for Gjon Mili’s film Jammin’ the Blues. From the Google collection of Life Magazine photos (there are heaps more – check them out!) Jammin the Blues, directed by Gjon Mili in 1944:

  • Dance is like a block of chocolate

    I have some things I want to say about the intersection of dance and audio-visual media, but I don’t have time to make a whole, proper argument. Fuck, I took 100 000 words to talk about these issues in my phd dissertation, so I’m not sure I’ll ever be able to write about this succinctly. […]

  • from above

    It’s not only because I’m obsessive compulsive and get visceral pleasure from groups of objects arranged systematically on flat surfaces that I love this little fillum. Wes Anderson // FROM ABOVE

  • Moonstruck

    Last night there was a lunar eclipse, and I was up at midnight to see it. It was an amazing thing, but now I am feeling the late night in my bones. I’m ‘preparing’ for another Speakeasy (10:30pm next Friday night, Crossover studio, 22 Golburn St, Sydney), when I should really be lying on the […]

  • Another look at appropriation in dance

    Appropriation, step-stealing, cultural transmission, imitation, impersonation, copying, poaching…. So my last chunky post ‘Historical Recreation’: Fat Suits, Blackface and Dance has kind of hit like a ton of bricks. Cultural transmission in dance – the movement of dance steps and forms and ideas between and within cultures – is pretty much my core research interest, […]

  • Dance competitions and policing public space

    (tent image from here, police image from here) I’m really interested in the discussion of official versus community policing of public space in Chris Brown’s article ‘The Occupy Movement and the Battle for Public Space’. One point I took from this was Brown’s juxtaposition of the formal, highly ordered occupation of public space by the […]

  • fuck yeah lindy hop

    Just in case I forget (linky) And (linky)

  • Jerry Lewis in Hoss’s Flat

    This is what I hope my dancing one day evolves to become. Jerry Lewis – The Errand Boy (1961) Pantomime (song is ‘Blues in Hoss’s Flat’)