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  • No Meat Week continues… and continues…

    Laura linked me up with the Guardian article “Hugh Fearnley-Whittingstall: the joy of veg” and it reminded me that I’d been talking about our no meat week here and not reported on it recently. We are still not cooking meat at home for dinner. It’s been ages, and we’ve only cooked meat perhaps 6 times […]

  • Country Red Rice (from Sri Lanka, Jothi brand)

    Country Red Rice (from Sri Lanka, Jothi brand), originally uploaded by dogpossum. …with some leftover curry. country-red-rice-closeup, originally uploaded by dogpossum. This rice is DELICIOUS. It’s like brown rice, if you’ve rubbed off most of the brown, and the brown is actually a rusty red. It’s sort of a broken grain, and clumps together when […]

  • No Meat Week: no. 65million – Red Slop and Nice Rice

    We are still not cooking meat at home. Although we did last night. But that was an exception, and organic, free range lalala hippy la meat. That’s the rule. No cooking meat unless it’s from organic free range lala sources. But that’s the only time we’ve cooked meat since we started this whole thing. Recipes […]

  • No Meat Week4: Tuesday

    Tonight I am feeling much better, so we are having the cauliflower, onion and ginger dinner with spinachy rice from an earlier week. This is a delicious dinner, and I hope it will revitalise my taste buds, and more importantly, the antibacterial qualities of all that ginger, garlic and onion will kick the last bits […]

  • No Meat Week4: Monday

    Four weeks already! There was that big bit of exchange in the middle, where I did cook meat, but still. It’s been four weeks since we decided to give this a go. And we’re not sick of it yet. I guess the next goal is to not eat meat for lunch. We are still crook. […]

  • No Meat Week3: Sunday

    We’re both quite crook at the moment, so Dave had leftover veggie curry and I had steamed veggies and a poached egg. Because I have not tastebuds at all.

  • No Meat Week3: Saturday. Red veggie curry

    red veggie curry, originally uploaded by dogpossum. A very simple, ordinary recipe: – Fry a brown onion with 1-2 tbsp red (Thai) curry paste (use a good one, not a rubbish Masterchef version or something), in some oil until the onion is ready (ie transparent or a bit further done. Don’t burn it!) – Add […]

  • No Meat Week3: puttanesca

    I stole this image from the internet. Well, No Meat Week 3 has included some meat. I ate ham and eggs on bread for lunch and then BBQed potato scallops on Monday (exchange faire. Don’t ask). Tuesday we had take away Thai that included duck, as I got home late from the airport, and bloody […]

  • No Meat Week3: roasted veggies with perfect poached egg

    roasted veggies with perfect poached egg, originally uploaded by dogpossum. Yes. We had it for dinner AGAIN. Once again substituting a poached egg (c/o Dave the Brilliant) for grilled haloumi. Roasted veggies: – eggplant – carrot – dark green zucchini – red capsicum – cherry tomatoes – baby white onions – 1 small potato – […]

  • No Meat Week2: Tuesday

    Tonight: steamed veggies and lasagne. This is usually a total win dinner, but not so much tonight. I was all ‘WIN!’ because I had a bunch of red slop in the freezer from the Borlotti Bean Moussaka so I could just do all the layers and put it in the oven. But there were problems. […]