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January 12, 2009

sigh. dance torture.

Posted by dogpossum on January 12, 2009 6:44 PM in the category lindy hop and other dances | Comments (1)

Sitting here, drowning in self pity for my own inability to dance, I've been torturing myself watching dance clips. Of all the competition footage I saw from/during last year, this one of Stefan and Bethany at ILHC is the one I keep watching. Not so much on the lindy hop, but chock full of interesting (dare I say eccentric?) jazz. I like the way they've used a fairly unconventional song for a fairly unconventional routine. One of the trickiest parts of dancing a revivalist dance is coming up with new and interesting choreography (actually, I guess that's the hardest part of any dance). But this one is really interesting. It's not perfect - there are a few things I'd have liked to be a bit tighter - but it really reflects the dancers' personalities. I tend to watch Bethany more than Stefan (as Pat said, all those years ago, "Don't wear black to a performance" - you just blend into the background, especially on a night with bright lights and serious contrast between the lit and unlit parts of the floor), but Stefan's really lovely in this as well.

Sigh. At least I'm back on the bike now, though - fitness will return and I'll be ready for a return to uninjuredness. I am, incidentally, off for an MRI on Tuesday (tomorrow) followed by another appointment with the specialist on Wednesday. If the plantar fascia is torn (as is suspected), then I'll be wearing a corrective boot to keep it immobile for a while. If it's not torn, then I'm to get to some cortizone. I should be on anti-inflamatories, but I just forgot to pick them up on Friday. I am a dumbarse for that, of course. Either way, no dancing for a couple more months. This is excruciating. I haven't gone this long (four months) without dancing in ten years. But I'm trying to be philosophical - perhaps this prolonged break will bring me back with renewed enthusiasm and inspiration. Perhaps I can come in rough and do some serious learn, side stepping my bad habits. Perhaps. Either way, I'm glad I'm back cycling, as it was killing me going without exercise. I'm also back into yoga next week (had planned last week, but the doctors' appointments have managed to screw with my Wednesday evenings).

Posted by dogpossum on January 12, 2009 6:44 PM in the category lindy hop and other dances


Posted by: Haydn at January 15, 2009 5:28 AM

Yeah, that's some dancing there :) The style reminds me a bit of Sasha and Ivan in this clip:

Moscow Christmas Swingdance Camp 2008

Posted by: Haydn at January 15, 2009 5:28 AM

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