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  • New music: Cats and Dinosaurs

    Hej hej, Sverige! ‘Swing på barrikaderna’ – Cats and Dinosaurs– 2016 Disclaimer: I was approached by Tove Casén Nylander to review this album, and provided with a digital copy of the album. I then met 
Filip Bagewitz, another band member, at Herrang, and we made friends. This is another of those happy stories of a […]

  • New Music: Doyle and Gamble

          Jonathan Doyle Swingtet – Too Hot For Socks and Michael Gamble and the Rhythm Serenaders – Michael Gamble and the Rhythm Serenaders Disclaimer: Books Primo approached me to review the Doyle album, offering me a free download. I chose to pay for it (to support the band), but i took him up […]

  • Glenn Crytzer’s Savoy Seven: album review

    Hello! This is a post about music! I was approached by Glenn Crytzer a couple of weeks months ago, saying “I’d love to have you do a piece on our new record. Please let me know if that’s something you’d be interested in. Here’s a digital copy of the album for you.” And there was […]

  • Reviewing

    The new ACCC guidelines: Australian law and online reviews (9 Dec 2013). This is an Australian example, and important because I do reviews of albums, events and projects quite often. They’re also often solicited by the ‘authors’ or these texts – musicians, organisers, etc. And when I’m asked, though I always remind them that they […]

  • criticism online

    Note to self: read and think about Criticism Now: Criticism in the Digital Age panel at the Wheeler centre. Also, take issue with the Jon Rose’s line: And when was the last time you heard a rigorous public debate on music? Once a year we have the Peggy Glanville-Hicks Address, I think that’s about it. […]

  • Swing Session from Switzerland Belgium Europe

    I bought Leapfrog by the band ‘Swing Session’ a little while ago, and it’s great. No, not this Swing Session, though that’s fun too. The Swing Session I’m talking about is Swiss, and I found them via the Red Hot Reedwarmers‘ site…. actually, I’m not sure where I found them. Looking at their site, I […]

  • Hetty Kate <3

    I’m a little slow on this one, but writing about Ultrafox, and the most triumphant Sydney Lindy Exchange this past weekend have prompted me to write about Hetty Kate and her band(s). Hetty Kate is great. I wrote about her a little while ago on SwingDJs, saying This past weekend Melbourne singer Hetty Kate did […]

  • New CD! Ultrafox: Chasing Shadows [would DJ]

    [edit: I wrote this almost a month ago but have been sitting on it.] I’m not going to rave and shout about this album Chasing Shadows by Melbourne band Ultrafox, because this is not that type of album. It’s more thoughtful. While the tempos get quite quick, the energy feels more complex and intricate. It […]

  • Geoff Bull and the Finer Cuts

    With all my talk about Australian jazz history (I have to warn you: I’ve just been to the doctor, and am now on some SRS DRUGZ to combat another installment of the fucking sinus infection, so this post is probably less coherent than even the earlier ones. even.)… So, as I was saying. With all […]

  • Mosaic sets

    The big news here in DJ supernerd land, is that my new Mosaic Coleman Hawkins collection has arrived. Yep, it’s great. There’s some Fletcher Henderson stuff in there that’ll blow your brains with the quality: you really feel as though your guts want to asplode with excitement. And there are some Metronome All-Star sessions from […]