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  • No. Don’t run your dance event.

    Everybody knows that a big international lindy hop event is the definition of a perfect pandemic super-spreading event? – You get a heap of people together from different regions – They do a heap of exercise, and they generate lots of saliva and snot and then they rub it all over their faces and and […]

  • Black music, white bands: Racist discourse in lindy hop institutions

    Eric Heveron-Smith fb post 25 June at 05:47 A question was posed on a Facebook group called Swingopedia, and I have decided to finally voice my answer. Hey, it’s quarantine, I don’t have any gigs to lose right now… “I’ve noticed that music trends in the global swing dance community have changed, since I started […]

  • Playing jazz music in the age of COVID

    So we know that musicians need/want to work. And we also know that their work (and creative practice) involves risky behaviour. So how do we make sure musicians minimise risk, for themselves and their audiences? The best model is really to have musicians develop safe work practices, then peer-pressure their colleagues into doing things the […]

  • Will we be running dance events in May 2021

    We’re still in iso here in Sydney. And while Morrison is talking about and early opening, even if the states do go ahead, we will see a second wave before the end of 2020. Even if we do get out of iso, we will be adhering to safety measures (washing our hands, covering our mouths, […]

  • I’d like to see the Australian Ballet do THIS

    Dance people! Argh! You’re home, you can’t dance or see your mates, you are going nuts. What can you do? If only we had a pool of highly motivated, experienced volunteers and managerial types with time on their hands. If only we had an extensive network of local, national, and international people who liked doing […]

  • Time to stop dancing, Sydney

    Time to cancel your partner dance classes, Sydney. Gotta flatten that curve. I know. I’m usually all in favour of curves. The more the better. But not this time. Our government is only enforcing a ban on gatherings of 500 or more people at the moment. But they’re normal people, not lindy hoppers or (god […]

  • How to plan an event cancellation

    How to go about responding to COVID-19 in Australia? A good starting point would be to collate: number of cases per state/australia sources for daily updates from gov legal recommendations from gov (eg we still allowed gathering in groups atm). Then each organisation should develop a long term plan and a short term. Even if […]

  • This totally sucks.

    We had almost sold out of passes. We had some truly epic things planned with live music and performances. We had wonderful teachers booked. The band and DJ line up was fresh and exciting. We’d spend thousands of dollars already. But the thought of sending our friends home with an infection is even worse. ” […]

  • BOO a cancellation

    Hi everyone, I’ve decided to be responsible and cancel the party on the 21st March: ——— Dear friends, I’m very sorry to have to write this to you, but I have decided to cancel this party on the 21st of March. As we all know, the COVID-19 virus is moving into our communities. It is […]

  • Should I cancel my dance event?

    Leah Jo linked this useful article, Risk-informed decision-making for mass gatherings during COVID-19 global outbreak. If you run a regular weekend event, an irregular social dance, or classes, and aren’t sure when or if you should cancel, this will help you work through the decision.