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  • We do not try to hide it.

    It’s been quite a long time since I posted here, mostly because I have been SO BUSY. But also because my attention has been caught by facebook. A long time twitter user, I used to talk about interesting stuff with my friends there, in the relative privacy of a protected twitter account. But then every […]

  • Women MCs

    Is it different for women? – Lucinda Holdforth (2/23/2016) I’ve been thinking about the role of MCs in the dance world, lately, and why so few of the best known (and paid) MCs are women. Basically, the reason is SEXISM on the part of organisers. If you haven’t hired a woman MC, you’re buying into […]

  • How I think about DJing.

    Here’s a long post I wrote on the plane on the way to Snowball last December. As per usual, it goes on a long time, so get yourself ready. No complaints about long posts! This is a blog – that’s what they’re for! As Ramona says in her talk with Ryan Swift on the Track, […]

  • Code of Conduct – draft

    Nicole Zonnenberg’s post A Contribution to the Discussion of Sexual Harassment in the Swing Dance Community (21 April 2015) is great because it clearly and simply explains how a code of conduct could have reduced distress or provented conflict in specific instances. I’ve decided a code of conduct is essential for dance events. But they […]

  • Remind yourself that you are a jazz dancer

    There’s recently been a fairly loud and emotional discussion about sexual violence in lindy hop. I don’t want to rehash it here, because I find it very upsetting. Rehashing this stuff in detail disempowers me. I don’t want to discuss the male teacher named in this discussion, because I don’t want this to be all […]

  • Another shit-stirrer post about teaching

    I’ve been thinking quite a bit lately about why people teach, and what they get out of it (for obvious reasons). There is this idea in the lindy hop world that we should all sacrifice lots ‘for the community’. As though ‘the community’ was this really huge thing, larger and more important than all of […]

  • Uses of history: a revivalist mythology

    An issue has come up over on Wandering and Pondering. I did write a comment there, but it got too long. The post there is responding to a post on Authentic Jazz Dance by Harri Heinila, which has managed to shit off an awful lot of people. I don’t have a whole lot to say […]

  • Herräng report: part 1

    Well, it’s 6.30am, and I’ve been awake since 5. My sleep cycle is well and truly borked. Curse you, jet lag. Why is that staying awake while flying around the world in a plane is more disruptive than staying awake dancing, eating, laughing, and talking in irregular patterns over several weeks? I’m back from two […]

  • Names, namelessness, power, appropriation

    This story about nameless creators and recipes reminds me so much of contemporary jazz and swing dance. Recipes With No Name (Fabio Parasecoli Mar 09, 2012).

  • DJing is not politically neutral

    Lots of DJs talk a lot about mac and great their products are. I use mac products. I’m not in love with them the way many mac users are, but I certainly enjoy using them more than the Microsoft products I’ve used, and I’ve not explored Linux or other options. But how should I feel […]