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  • Right Now It’s a Pleasure

    It’s much easier to be pleased when you’re not a seething mass of anxiety. So today, I am far more easily pleased than I was last week. I’m not sure whether this moment of calm will last, but for now, I’m just going to enjoy it. Earlier today I was pleased by Thomas McCarthy’s new […]

  • hot male bodies

    I talk an awful lot about women’s bodies, and women and the erotic gaze. I am, of course, working with the assumption that most dance performances are geared towards a male gaze, which Laura Mulvey introduces in her 1975 article “Visual Pleasure and Narrative Cinema”, and which caused such a stir Screen then devoted an […]

  • jazz music in animated films

    An article here.

  • Women’s History Month: Pearl Primus!

    I know very little about Pearl Primus, but I’ve been fascinated by this photo since I found it on the Google Life photo collection (you can see more photos here. She’s not a ‘jazz dancer’ in the strictest sense – she probably fits a little more comfortably into the concert dance or even ballet basket. […]

  • google, you’re amazing

    I couldn’t remember the name of a good film I saw ages ago. Well, it wasn’t that good, but the dancing (stepping and a few other bits and pieces) was. This is what I typed in. That’s the film there, the second result. That’s amazing.

  • magazine themed jazz prn

    Magazine-themed prn from the ‘Jam Session’ pics in the Google/Life set Gjon Mili did for Esquire: (NB that little group in the bottom left hand corner are from Vogue magazine.) Mili of course made Jumpin’ the Blues, and also this freekin great clip of rockstars:

  • lists and canons in jazz

    An interesting discussion has cropped up on SwingDJs called “30 Good Hot Records” from LIFE. This is what I’m about to post in response. I love lists of iconic or ‘good’ songs/books/films/texts. I love them because though they are presented as definitive, they are always[ more effective as a provocation than a definitive answer to […]

  • violence and film and blues

    Reading Gussow’s book about racial violence in southern America, I wonder why I keep coming back to violence. My honours thesis discussed female violence in film, and this book really is about violence in blues music. Both are about violence from the perspective of the disempowered; one discussing women, one black men and women in […]

  • things i have done regularly lately

    Cooked a large piece of meat in milk for a long period of time. Pork, chicken, whatever. I’ll cook it, you can eat it. While searching blindly in my backpack, felt something soft and hanky-like, pulled it out and discovered it was a single maxi-sized pad*. This has happened: at the bi-lo checkout with a […]

  • fillum

    An ace film called ‘Vespers’ where the world ends from plague in Victorian England (via io9): Vespers