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  • 1970s New York, nunchucks, and radicalism

    A friend posted this the other day, and it pinged my radar. The ban on nunchucks within the New York city limits was instituted in 1974, the year this song was released: In this USAToday article discussing the changing of legislation, they write “The ruling went over the history of the ban, and said it […]

  • Why Die Hard is a Christmas Movie

    Ok, so it’s my favourite christmas movie subgenre: Adult goes home to family for christmas. The flight is actually ok, people he meet say useful things that foreshadow later plot points. But it’s when he finally gets to his destination that the fighting begins. Unwelcome guests, drinking, desperate quiet moments alone in the bathroom. More […]

  • Why watch something you hate?

    I’ve been thinking about this question: ‘why watch things you know you’re going to hate?’ There are lots of personal reasons – boredom, the pleasure of a hate-watch, curiosity, keeping up with trends, I’m not the only person watching the telly in my household, etc etc. But I also try to keep abreast of things […]

  • Topic: groove, musicians teaching us to dance.

    A student, who is also a musician, just sent me a message. They’re from a rootsy/folk sort of background, and play a lot of gypsy jazz. They’re just discovering other types of swinging jazz. The message said: “Surely there is nothing better to lindy hop to than Oscar Peterson. Surely.” We had a conversation, and […]

  • Hannah Arendt

    This is one of the best films I’ve seen on SBS On Demand. I barely knew anything about Hannah Arendt, so it was a very good watch. It seems especially relevant now because it’s about a jewish woman, Hannah Arendt (Barbara Sukowa) who’d escaped a concentration camp and is now a big name philosopher/academic living […]

  • Looking for Langston

    Speaking of the black experience in jazz and blues dance… I haven’t yet ready anything in the blues and lindy hop community about the black queer male body dancing. There’s been some good work on black women’s bodily experiences in modern jazz dance culture, and a bit about black masculinity. Quite a few too many […]

  • my obsession has peaked

  • I just love them

  • Order

    I can’t help myself. Lartigue is my favourite photographer. Anderson is one of my favourite film makers. These facts are unrelated.

  • Kate

    Kate Blanchett in the Aviator, rocking Katherine Hepburn stylez. Not the best film ever (oh, Leonardo, why did you grow up?), but the sound track is AMAZING.