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  • race, food, bikes, gender

    Another reminder that green/feminist movements are as marked by gender and class as right wing politics… I’m seeing correlations between slutwalk discourse and this little trail of articles dealing with race/food politics/gardening/environmentalism/cycling. While I’m fascinated by discussions of food and health and environmentalism as a socialist project, for a while now I’ve had a little […]

  • Everything I did was funky: Cell Block Swing & Speakeasy

    This is going to be a crazy, incoherent post about how much fun I had last night. First, there was a dance at the old Jail in Darlinghurst, in the National Art School‘s Jail House Theatre. Amazing venue. Amazing: Secondly, the band were the Ozcats, who are a Bob Crosby tribute band, and feature some […]

  • lasagne

    This is how we make lasagne. It’s easy and it doesn’t take all that long to make. We don’t like bechamel sauce, but we _do_ really like the layers of tofu – fu sucks up flavours. We occasionally replace the ‘fu with some home made cheese, but that’s an added layer of fuss. It’s also […]

  • kids and kultcha

    I’m trying to keep track of interesting links. First, ProgDinns have another great post up. This one’s about kids and food and kids as critics. This post led me to the Mammalian diving reflex site. That’s where I read about the kids reviewing stuff at the festival, giving adults hair cuts and going to restaurants. […]

  • gingerbread noms

    This is a recipe I’ve used lots of times. I’ve tried the 2 Fat Ladies one, but this one is better. It’s from Vogue Entertaining Aug/Sep 1996. It’s from a special they did on ‘country cakes’, and every cake I’ve made from that collection has been really really good. I’m not very good at cakes, […]

  • twitter continues to swallow up my intertubes brain

    Things are kind of rolling along here in Sydney. It rained all last week, every single day, and that was terrible. But today it’s sunny again. SUN! This is what it was like last week (and this is WHY I couldn’t go out running yesterday morning when it was raining, TWITTER): I’ve started doing the […]

  • vegie lasagne

    layers: – paneer (yes, again) – baby spinach – red slop: canned brown lentils, canned tomato, onions, garlic, fresh basil, olive oil. Would usually include mushrooms, but they were skanky – very think slices of butternut pumpkin – top layer of sliced basic and tomatoes. It was finally topped with a layer of ordinary yellow […]

  • horror trifle

    Looking over the CSIRO trifle recipe, I’m grossed out. What a pale, stupid arse version of a very nice dish. Berries are in SEASON in a southern hemisphere christmas! What about those lovely stone fruit?! Jelly is WRONG in a trifle! The ONLY trifle to have is pavlov’s cat trifle!

  • a revision of my comments about CSIRO’s approach to vegetarianism

    I want to add something to my first post discussing the CSIRO diet. Here is some very basic information I’ve found in the two CSIRO books. I haven’t looked further afield (yet). The acknowledgments in the second book write: CSIRO gratefully acknowledges all those who have contributed to the funding of research on higher-protein diets […]

  • making paneer: add acid

    Basically, to make paneer, you take the milk off the heat just as it boils, add the acid and stir while it’s on a lower heat. It just separates like magic, greeny whey, white blobs of curd. Awesomely satisfying. Following a Madhur Jaffrey recipe, I began by adding some white vinegar, even though I’ve added […]