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  • No Meat Week3: puttanesca

    I stole this image from the internet. Well, No Meat Week 3 has included some meat. I ate ham and eggs on bread for lunch and then BBQed potato scallops on Monday (exchange faire. Don’t ask). Tuesday we had take away Thai that included duck, as I got home late from the airport, and bloody […]

  • No Meat Week3: roasted veggies with perfect poached egg

    roasted veggies with perfect poached egg, originally uploaded by dogpossum. Yes. We had it for dinner AGAIN. Once again substituting a poached egg (c/o Dave the Brilliant) for grilled haloumi. Roasted veggies: – eggplant – carrot – dark green zucchini – red capsicum – cherry tomatoes – baby white onions – 1 small potato – […]

  • No Meat Week2: Tuesday

    Tonight: steamed veggies and lasagne. This is usually a total win dinner, but not so much tonight. I was all ‘WIN!’ because I had a bunch of red slop in the freezer from the Borlotti Bean Moussaka so I could just do all the layers and put it in the oven. But there were problems. […]

  • No Meat Week2: Monday

    (Jalebi, my superfavourite sweety) Today I forgot to have breakfast. Then I had take away Indian for lunch. YUM. Ashfield is brilliant for quick lunches: 2 or 3 Nepalese joints (there’s quite a strong Nepalese community here), Chinese of course (mostly Shanghainese, and lots of dumplings and noodles), Vietnamese, Thai, Indian, Malaysian and now a […]

  • No Meat Week: Saturday and Sunday

    Saturday morning I had porridge. That shit is so boring. I prefer weetbix. Saturday we went to lunch with friends specifically to have dumplings. The joint we go to has a large vegetarian dumpling menu, but we ate meat dumplings. …incidentally, I count fish as ‘meat’. Fishes are living, moving animals. So they have meat. […]

  • No Meat Week: Friday

    Well, breakfast was cheesy bread. Boring. I’m not very good with breakfasts, but it’s when I’m hungriest, so I like to eat big, filling things. No fruit today, except some apples I’m going to attack in a second. Dinner was a good one. This is a dish I used to make in Brisbane, but somehow […]

  • No Meat Week: Thursday

    (NB I just found this egg picture online. Ours were actually better) Firstly, let me just point out that yesterday we had fish cakes with salty eggs and a veggie/tofu stir fry take away from the brilliant Thai joint in Summer Hill. Not entirely meat free, but better. Today I had eggs for breakfast then […]

  • No Meat Week: Wednesday

    1. I had a roast beef and veggies sandwich at the deli while waiting for my doctor’s appointment. I clean forgot about the no meat thing. Dave stated that he had not known that the ‘no meat thing’ was “for lunches too”. Jeez. 2. It’s been raining and raining and fucking RAINING so I haven’t […]

  • No Meat Week: Tuesday

    No meat week continues. Tonight we had ‘asian inspired’ pumpkin soup from the Stephanie Alexander orange book. Meh. I reckon it uses too much stock, but we had a Stock Defrosting Mixup and we couldn’t reduce the stock without waste. This recipe isn’t as good as I’d remembered. I’m not even convinced the actual instructions […]

  • No Meat Week: Monday (& Sunday)

    We’ve been living the CSIRO lifestyle for a year or two now, and while I like the lighter evening meals (without carbs), we’ve been struggling, ethically, with the amount of meat the diet includes. Also, it’s bad for your guts. So I’ve instituted a week without meat. I’ve lived the vegetarian lifestyle here and there […]