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  • Actually illegal things that lindy hoppers do

    I’ve just been reading this post, Jeepers, peepers, what to do with your creepers by Dan Newsome, and I was struck by a particular list, where Dan lists things that contribute to a situation being ‘unsafe’ (there are other lists (sexist, creepy, coercive, etc).) Just plain illegal – Seeking physical affection from another person when […]

  • Occupying space

    Someone posted a photo of a man ‘manspreading’ on the tram to facebook, and there was a good discussion about it. For me, manspreading is a physical version of mansplaining, or of patriarchy. A (male) friend made this comment about the original post: I sit like that..but i would 100% sit less comfortably so that […]

  • (mis)uses of power in responding to sexual harassment

    A clever point was raised in the teaching swing dance fb group I’m part of. This group has an excellent vibe: mutual respect, constructive talk, be nice. Here is a question asked by one member of this group (I’ll keep her anonymous in case she needs to be, but will happily add her name later […]

  • Help the helpers

    Hey there fronds. Are you working on sexual assault and harassment, safe space, and other issues relating to shit stuff that men to do women, children, and other men at dance events?   You may be feeling pretty fucking bad at the moment, what with Turmp, Max Pitruzella, Steven Mitchell, shit going on in your […]

  • Sydney is winning, you know

    Check out this simple little symbol on this event flyer. It says ‘we support safe spaces’, and it’s slipped in there next to the venue, organising body logos. This placement says ‘this is as important as who runs this event’ and ‘we are proud of this’. It’s not the perfect little symbol, and I’d probably […]

  • Look after yourself, friends

    Hello friends, With yesterday’s report of another high profile dancer – Max Pitruzella –  sexually assaulting a woman, you may be feeling pretty awful. Terrible. Despondent. It’s exhausting stuff, and it can make you feel unsafe and afraid. Remember you can call Lifeline any time on 13 11 14. Something I’m trying to remember: […]

  • Feminism, akshully

    This article “Why I no longer identify as a feminist” is a bit simplistic. Feminism has always been wider and more diverse than a ‘liberal feminists’ v ‘radical feminists’ dichotomy, and the author’s overview of developments in feminist thinking is both simplistic and defined by one white, straight woman’s understanding of feminist history. She writes: I […]