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  • Queer black men

    I really like the way this story is reframed to focus on a queer black man as hero by this queer black jewish man*. *Michael Twitty is a cook and scholar who focusses on the black jewish food traditions of America and the African diaspora. He has a book, goves good twitter, and could tell […]

  • Sorry Day

    Today is world lindy hop day and Frankie Manning’s birthday. But it’s also Sorry Day. For me, Sorry Day is the more important occasion. But I think that Frankie would be down with that: apologise, remember the past, move forward with hope and good will. [edit 10 minutes later]…maybe do a bit more than ‘move […]

  • Condoman

    I was living in Brisbane, and about 15 when I first saw Condoman. This was mid-AIDS crisis, and the Brisbane AIDS team was based in the Valley, where my mum worked, and where we went out to see bands and get hassled by junkies. Condoman was invented by Aunty Gracelyn Smallwood and a bunch of […]

  • What’s with that Captain Cook cunt?

    So, today is the 250th anniversary of Cook’s claiming he’d discovered Australia. He and his crew were driving the Endeavour round the world stealing stuff and killing and raping people for the British empire. They bumped into Australia, home to the oldest living culture in the world (40 000 years), 700 distinct languages, extensive complex […]

  • BLACK lindy hop matters

    My problem with discussions about the ‘lindy hop revival’ is that it is centred on whether or not the lindy hop died out. This way of talking and thinking about lindy hop and black dance and music is all about non-black people trying to force a particular paradigm (way of thinking) onto black history and […]

  • Language is important: decolonising dance jargon

    ‘Gliding’* came up in a fb discussion about great things to teach brand new dancers. Gliding is just moving around the dance floor in closed position without any particular rhythm, with or without music. In our classes, we want them to experiment with working with a partner in closed, with no pressure to perfect a […]

  • Ethnicity v race

    Why do I want to hang onto class when discussing race and ethnicity in dance? A friend, Superheidi, noted recently that she’s not entirely ok with the way some white dancers use the word ‘race’. She made the point that ‘race’ isn’t accurate; we are not different races because we have different skin colour. We […]

  • why the black kids sit together

    I was just watching this video ‘Why the Black Kids Still Sit Together’ feat. Beverly Daniel Tatum and thinking about how important it was to have critical mass of black dancers at Herrang this year in week 4. There was a moment after the meeting when I was watching the OGs hanging out with the […]

  • Women of colour respond to white appropriation of the margin(alised)

    Yassmin Abdel-Magied’s piece ‘I walked out of the Brisbane Writers Festival Keynote Address. This is why.’ is being linked up a bit in my book-friend circles, with emphasis primarily on Shriver and the topic of the piece. But I’m mostly interested in how the author got up the guts to walk out of this talk […]