Soz about the scary styles on this site. I don’t really have the time to write a new child style sheet (of course I do, but I can’t be bothered), and wordpress is increasingly difficult to edit. Boo to the phpness of it! Boo to my lack of javascript skills! Boo!

I’ll have another go at some point in the far away future.

My policy on comments


Once again, I’m getting a lot of traffic via discussions about gender and sexual assault and all that stuff.
So here is a reminder about my policies for commenting on this blog:

– if you post something upsetting, I will delete your comment
– if you play the feminist, not the ball (ie you attack me, not my ideas), your comment will be deleted
– if you fail to grasp the basic tenets of feminism, you comment will be deleted (you can do a bit of googling to figure out the basics)
– I will favour comments by women. Because.

etc etc


I’ve outlined my thinking about comments policies in this post, trollday. The upshot is that this is my blog, so I can do what I want. You don’t have a right to free speech here; this is a feminist space, and I am the boss of it. If you disagree or want to argue or rant, get your own blog.

Why did I get so strict? Because I CAN! I CAN!
And because I routinely get horrid comments and emails from randoms who want to school me.
Note: I will not hesitate to report your arse to the police. And please remember: anonymity is not that easy on the internet; we can discover who you are via your ISP, etc etc. And I will not tolerate bullying in MY space.

Here are the rules.



I’ve recently had a bunch of traffic redirected here, and that means lots of first time visitors dropping in. Nice to see you!

I want to let you know about my comments policy. It’s strict. Here are the rules:

1. If you get all up in my business with aggressive, threatening, or nasty comments, your comment will be deleted. If you need to rant, get your own blog.

2. I have zero tolerance for sexism, racism or other unpleasantness. Your comment will be deleted. Your opinions simply aren’t important.

3. This is a feminist space. That means we’re assuming you’re on board with feminist principles. I am not interested in debating your ideas about feminism. If you use the terms ‘misandry’ or ‘reverse sexism’ or try to argue that a woman is being sexist, your comment will be deleted. If you can’t dig that, you need to leave. If you don’t understand why, you need to read feminism 101.


Why so strict?
Even though my positions on most issues of gender, sex, power and lindy hop are relatively moderate (I’m not a radical feminist, sadly), I regularly receive hateful emails, messages on facebook, and comments on this blog. It’s frightening and unpleasant and it makes me angry. Rather than dwell on the insecurities of men who want to bully women who use their brains, I delete them. I don’t even bother reading them. I will not be bullied out of thinking or speaking or doing. Nor will I hesitate to call the police or report your arse for harassing me.


Nor do I feel any responsibility to let people who disagree with me ‘have their say’. The world is full of forums for anti-feminist and anti-woman talk. This is not one of them. This is an actively feminist space. This is a feminist echo chamber. In this world, the rules are that gender is important, that women have things to say, that their opinions will be given greater value than men’s, and that solo dance is an essential part of lindy hop. I am the boss of this blog, and my word rules.

I’ve talked more about my policies in this post. I will not be entering into any arguments or discussions with you about these policies. If you want a forum to air your ideas, get a blog.

While I’m at it: please note that I will not engage with you on these issues in person, either. If I’m out at a dance, I am there to dance or to DJ. I rarely want to talk politics when I’m lindy hopping. I rarely want to talk about my blog or online talk in general.


If, however, you are a woman who wants to talk about activism in your scene, bring it! I am very interested.
If you are a woman interested in getting into DJing or leading or solo dance, bring that too – I am interested.

Yes, I am privileging women here. That is the deal.

Why do I swear so much?

I dunno. It’s probably because I have a limited vocabulary. Or because I’m a lazy writer. Or because I went to a dodgy school in a dodgy area. Or because I like to shock.
Who knows.





template urk

Yeah, so I had a little reminder of the importance of using child themes when fiddling with wordpress themes.
Every other site I maintain, I use child themes. Except my own blog. Typical.
So, sorry about the ugly fonts, yo. I’ll fix it… some time this century.

yes, yes, I know

It’s very uncool, but I’m going to update the theme of this site using the live version. How unprofessional! The dirty laundries! In public!

I’m pretty sure you can hack it.


I’m nearing the end of the semester and the end of my course. Only two or three weeks to go. And two assignments. I’m going to be glad when it’s done, but I’m also sorry to be ending the learning here. I’d like to do another degree. Or another research project or something where I get to do more learning and reading and writing. Oh well. Time to get onto the job applications. Which of course I’m dreading.

We’re just about to have our second Sydney exchange in six weeks in about a week or so (maybe two weeks?) and I’m too busy with uni to think about it properly. I’m doing some DJing so I should get it together. I’m also thinking about going in the solo charleston comp, but I don’t have the brain to get that together either. After that there’s about a week or so before MLX in Melbourne. Then it’s all over dance-wise til the next year. Phew.

I’m wondering how I’m going to keep up my exercise in the hot weather. I think I need a hot weather alternative.

Plans are afoot for a garden group in our apartment complex. I’m spearheading it, so it’ll be the slowest group ever. Which is kind of appropriate for a gardening group. Our balcony’s plants are doing well in the warmer weather with the longer days and lovely rain. So we finally have home grown herbs.

I’m doing quite a bit of sewing atm. Mostly because I’m a bit bored. Uni is fun but it doesn’t quite fill up my days. Probably because I don’t really push it hard enough. But I can get through the readings quickly enough and it’s not actually all that complicated. It can be tricky to learn the skills, but the thinking side is quite simple. Which is a bit frustrating, but it’s good to learn some new skills and learn how to learn in a new way.

I’m still trying to sort out this wordpress template, but it’s not going very well. I can’t really quite be bothered putting a lot of work into it.

I do have things to write here on this blog, but I’ve just not gotten it together.

Oh, I’d meant this post to be more interesting, but I feel a nap coming on…