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November 27, 2008

think of me... but in a kind way, not a revolted way

Posted by dogpossum on November 27, 2008 11:37 AM in the category melbourne

I know it's been a long time, and I'm sorry. Faceplant is to blame.


- I have been teaching a lot, marking even more, and am now at MLX, so this may be the last update for a while.

- I have been at the telly/national conference where I had a lovely time, learnt a lot, and kind of wished I'd read some telly stuff. Learn = on.

- I have been mooching off friends for the past few days after a bit of time in a hotel. It's been nice being a hostee in a city I used to live in only a few months ago. We are currently staying with The Squeeze's mum in Heidelberg, and are just about to go down to St Kilda Rd and our flash hotel for the hardcore MLX weekend. They have internet there, but it's crazy expensive, so don't expect any updates.

- I have been having a nice time catching up with locals and staying in Brunswick (where all my friends seem to be). This meant that I did as I used to hate having done unto me: dropping in on Scotty during the day to kill half an hour because I was at loose ends and I knew he worked at home. But it was a good thing I did: who would have helped him clean his fish tank if I hadn't been there?

- I did a very excellently fun set at funbags last Friday. It was in the St Albans church in... some suburb on the south side. It's a FABULOUS venue - not cold or naff or echoey like normal, lame church venues. This was a gorgeous space and felt really good to DJ. It filled up with crazy-keen-to-dance dancers and I had a really good time DJing. I felt as though I'd shaken off my recent DJing craptitude (two bad jobs recently, one at SSF, one at a local gig). Let's hope my confidence holds for this weekend and doesn't become anxiety: worry makes me DJ craply. I feel some pressure for my MLX sets, but I think it'll be ok.

- MLX8 is already big. More passes than every before have been sold, and if the proportions work out the same as previous years we'll be seeing 400 through the doors at late nights. That's kind of scary, but I think it'll work out ok as there are two rooms. I dunno if it'll actually reach those figures, but we'll see. Either way, MLX is the largest social dancing event in the country and heading towards the largest of all the events. This is something I'm quite proud of, and for which I'm very proud of the other organisers. I'm also chuffed to see that our instincts about what would make a good event reflected wider interests in the community. We always set out just to run the sort of event we'd like to attend. And that's the way it's ended up. So it's nice that this is the first year I've been able to attend MLX in its current non-profit, all social dancing incarnation as a general punter and DJ. I'm quite excited.

- It's nice being in Melbourne, but I don't want to live here any more. I really miss all the bike riding and bike lanes and flat roads, but I don't miss the weather. The weather sucks arse. We arrived in the middle of that super cold spell last week, and I had to ring The Squeeze to request he bring me PJs when he came down. I had actually managed to forget a few key items in my packing last week: PJs, some sort of nice outfit for the MLX ball, more than two Tshirts for day wear, more than four Tshirts for dancing. I'm not sure what I was thinking, except that I'm suspecting I wasn't thinking. This explains why my backpack was so light.

- I am reading Titus Groan atm, and loving it.

Ok, I have to go do some DJ prac for this weekend.
Think of me suffering in the Victorian dryness with my horrid snotty nose and exma, will you? But in a kind way, not in a revolted way.

Posted by dogpossum on November 27, 2008 11:37 AM in the category melbourne