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September 14, 2008

wanted: nice iyengar yoga studio

Posted by dogpossum on September 14, 2008 10:55 PM in the category yoga

I miss Frank.

I have just started looking for another Iyengar studio.
The Yoga Nook in Dulwich Hill is very close (only a quick bike ride away), although I did find this disturbing photo on its site:

The Squeeze doesn't think I should go there, just in case he comes home one evening to find me stuck in this pose on the lounge room floor. I share his concerns.

The Leichardt Yoga Room got me all excited with its name (almost but not quite the Rathdown Yoga Room), but it featured this photo on its site:
I'm fairly sure this is the pose that I hate most. My nemesis pose. It is my Captain Hammer. I frickin' hate backwards bending poses, and this is the worst. It hurts my back, it hurts my feet, it hurts my legs. I tend to get distressed doing this pose - heart rate elevated, panic! panic! - and need all the equipment in the room (every bolster, every wooden thing, every blanket) to attempt it. This usually means that I'm sitting upright with a bunch of blankets under my feet and a billion bolsters and other shit piled up behind me.
So I'm not sure I want to go there - I mean, if you love virasana that much, why don't you freakin' marry it? It is in Leichardt, though. Which is where the 'french' cafe is.

Really, I think I just want Frank to come to Sydney. Or I want another yoga studio specialising in Iyengar, long, complicated and incomprehensible explanations and Italian nonnas. In my experience, the best studios are also very not online. I've thought about Frank, I'm suddenly overcome by a wave of homesickness. I miss the smell of the yoga mats. Wait, I know how I can cheer myself up: with home made yoga. Down dog!

Posted by dogpossum on September 14, 2008 10:55 PM in the category yoga