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September 14, 2008

need greens

Posted by dogpossum on September 14, 2008 8:42 PM in the category greenies

I need a good nursery. We walked through Petersham today and saw two (one in Lewisham - but I've decided Petersham and Lewisham are the same place, even though one has Sweet Belem and the old theatre/roller skating rink and one... doesn't), both were expensive, one was dodgy. It's nice looking at nurseries when it's been raining. There's a Bunnings in Ashfield, but they suck. I need one that delivers for a reasonable fee (not $48 thanks Bunnings!).

This is what I need:

- some bales of straw/sugar can mulch for mulching. Probably two bales, maybe three. $27 is too much, thanks.
- some plants. Cheapish. I'm after about 4 small lavenders, 4 rosemarys, at least 3 natives (grevillea, banksia, protea combo), a passionfruit vine, a pretty scented 'traditional' vine (jasmine, etc) and some other stuff, including citrus trees for pots
- some pots. I want seedling punnets. If I buy some seedlings I'll get some for free. But I don't want seedlings, I have my own - they are now fighting and trying to climb out the cramped conditions in the home-made greenhouse tub (rectangular clear plastic tub - perfect mini-greenhouse for seed sprouting, less than $10 each at BigW or a junk shop. Better than a bought one, as they stack properly in our small bathroom/laundry situation). I will also need a couple of large pots for the citrus. I want some small pots for the new seedlings as well
- some potting mix. Decent stuff, probably two bags at least.
- I could also be tempted by some tools (secateurs, etc)

I could do with a feed store for the mulch, but where will I find one of those in inner Sydney?

If anyone knows a decent nursery, I'll be your best friend forever. Must be within PT of Summer Hill.

Posted by dogpossum on September 14, 2008 8:42 PM in the category greenies