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September 12, 2008

see that? that's me, djing

Posted by dogpossum on September 12, 2008 8:03 PM in the category djing


That's me DJing at... hm... not sure where. MLX? Probably - looks like a set list there next to me, and I'd've been doing band breaks.

A good friend, Scott (big, not scribbler) took that photo. See my hand - it's tappa-tapping. I'm actually DJing, right there, in that photo.

See my generous bum, hips and legs? That's professional DJing gear, that - for when you do 4-hour late-night sets. I could stand, but that'd suck after a while.

See those headphones? They're sennheisers. And the best bit about them is that they reduce sound, so I can put them on if I'm finding it all a bit noisy. But don't tell anyone - they think I'm previewing. In that photo, I think I am previewing, because you can see DJ1800, which I use to preview.

See that microphone, there? I don't use them. I'm afraid of them. Also, you can see my imic - a tiny little external sound card. It's round and white. You can also almost see my green and red alligator necklace - that's the most important accessory in this photo.

I wish I was sitting up properly in this photo. Right now I have a sore right arm from DJing at a table that was too high for me. I look at this photo and think about how great the sound set up is at MLX - the bestest ever, of any of the places I've ever DJed. Brian yells at you if you touch the set up. And justifiably so, I guess. Some people need a good yelling at - some DJs in particular. Especially the ones with alligator necklaces. But that's mostly because they a) have work-place related industrial deafness, or b) have forgotten to take their ear plugs out.

Another thing about that photo - I remember doing that set in something of a rush-and-panic. You can't DJ on a weekend you're running, even if you're not running that night. Well, I can't - there's always something that needs fixing, or someone who needs your help. The best was that same exchange, when I was DJing in one room, the DJ from the other room came in and was all, "hey, who's DJing after me?" about 10 minutes (3 songs) before their set ended. I was all "woah, shit. How will I fix this?" I reassured the other DJ I'd fix it, if he wouldn't mind doing an extra 10 mins or so if it took a while, set up a song, then ran to find out who was rostered on to DJ next. Then I went back, set up another song, checked the sound, etc, and ran to find the missing DJ. He was asleep on a beanbag. Then I woke him up, scolded him, and sent him to DJ. I assume it worked out ok - he was in there DJing when I finished my set. It was about 3am, so he shouldn't have been asleep - he should have been dancing!

But that's the thing about DJing - you know where the music comes from, so there's no more mystery. And it is possible to drink and DJ. I once saw a DJ drink a rum and coke, a beer, a scotch and dry and then another beer in 15 minutes, while he was DJing. Then he ran a competition, then he had another beer. I was all 'woah, he's brave. I wouldn't leave an open drink near my laptop like that." But then, I guess he didn't let them sit there long enough to risk a spill.

The most important thing I've learnt about DJing? Go to the little DJs' room before you start a set.

Posted by dogpossum on September 12, 2008 8:03 PM in the category djing