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February 13, 2008


Posted by dogpossum on February 13, 2008 7:41 PM in the category television


I'm glad I'm not the only one who cried like a freakin' baby watching the ABC this morning. I cried and cried. It was just nice to see such a mark of respect. I kept thinking 'those aboriginal doods are the first aboriginal people - the first indigenous Australians to be given such formal respect, EVER!' It was just so exciting and wonderful. Sure, there were some problems with that second speech there, but still - it was like, all of a sudden, Australia had suddenly realised that there were people who'd been here before the skips rocked into town. Like they went, "Holy shit! We've had our heads up our bums for 200 years! Let's get on it, STAT!"
I know it's only a symbol, but holy moly, if that doesn't give good evidence to the power of symbols, I don't know what would. That was some seriously hot shit. Now I have an idea how people feel when they go to the dawn service for Diggers or put up flags in their front yard. It was like, all of a sudden, I had a reason to be really proud of being Australian. It was like, amazingly, even though people had been doing fuckful things for 200 years, and then refusing to admit they'd been fuckful, they suddenly, really, did think "Oh, man. That was some bad shit. We have to apologise." And then they did! I was just proud. It was like a couple of kids had suddenly realised they were being mean to another little kid and apologised to him all on their own. Now I'm hoping they'll be taking that kid home for detty-and-a-bandy before out to the back yard for a rousing game of tiggy.

And I was also really struck by the power of turning your back on someone. No fisticuffs, no nasty retorts. Just turning away. I think that's a nice alternative to bombing the shit out of people. I know it's the solution I've used on discussion boards when I've had a gutful of sexist dickheads, or I'm dealing with trolls, but who'd have thought it would be so useful when dealing with the Liberal party? And that it just keeps getting more effective?

For those who are about to reconcile, we salute you.

edit: and I'm just thinking: it's the overwhelming symbolism of having those elders in parliament while they were speaking. I just kept thinking, 'it's like they didn't exist before. And now, all of a sudden, parliament has discovered they exist. They're recognising them, and they're honouring them'. I know that's problematic in itself, but goddamn, I just can't get over it.

Posted by dogpossum on February 13, 2008 7:41 PM in the category television