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December 11, 2007


Posted by dogpossum on December 11, 2007 8:27 PM in the category djing and music and objects of desire

I did a gig at the speegs during MLX which wasn't really very great. First, there were no dancers there but The Squeeze and I. So my swingin' jazz went down like a lead balloon. Thank heavens for James Brown, or I'd've been lynched. Though they booked me for a jazz gig, I just couldn't bear the empty floor any longer. So I played the very few soul and funk songs I had. And the punters loved it.
A bit later, some dancers arrived, so I started in with some good dancing from the jazz tradition. After 'Lavender Coffin' and midway through 'Joshua Fit De Battle of Jericho' some drunk prick tried to climb up on the stage (I dealt with that, quick-smart and used my scary body to move him back). "Are we going to be subjected to this gospel swing all night?" he demanded in a pleasant drunken slur. And I sort of shrugged it off with a tight smile. He kept lurking and I gave him the super snub. A few minutes later he returns with the same charming line. And I reply "If at all, possible, YES!"
What could be better than an evening of hardcore New Orleans Jeeeeezuss! music? I can't imagine. Then I gave that prick some serious snubbing.

There's nothing worse than a know-it-all jazznick heckler who thinks he knows better. Prick. Hope I never see that loser ever again.
But speaking of gospel, I'm quite struck on Mahalia Jackson live at Newport. I want it. At first it was just for that version of Jericho, but now I just want it. Not necessarily for DJing (though the Jericho would go down well at a blues event). The Basie Live in Antibes CD got me keen on Jackson, and I think I could well get over this swing malarkey and return to my soul and funk roots. Sigh. More obsessive collecting to come.


So, anyway, to finish off that bit about the speegs gig, Trev and Russ came in later and played the other bits of the set for me. If you look at the pic there (courtesy of Wendy), you can see me DJing (and probably freaking) and Trev leaning over my shoulder with beer in hand (there are no DJing rules at the Speegs).

Trev played excellent party lindy, moving into formerly uncharted territory, and Russ then decided it was partyhardy time. Yes, we did hear the theme from Footloose, amongst other 80s party anthems. The punters went nuts. The lindy hoppers went nuts. The speegs staff were very happy with us (I did check with them that it was ok to move on down this motown/stax/disco anthem track, and they approved), the pay was good.
I've done a few sets there, and I have to say I approve. Nice people, nice gear, fun crowds. Except for the stupid pricks. And I've been offered other DJing gigs (fielding phone calls all over the place), but I think I'm going to keep it real and only play for dancers. Unless the pay is good. Real good.

Posted by dogpossum on December 11, 2007 8:27 PM in the category djing and music and objects of desire