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September 21, 2007

prepare to be boarded

Posted by dogpossum on September 21, 2007 11:57 AM in the category dogpossum

I've noticed that I'm not the only one who's been MIA from blogdom of late. I blame faceplant. Oh, faceplant, how I thought you'd be really neat. Then I realised there was nowhere for long, detailed explanations of sewing projects or theses or DJing and decided that faceplant really was just one big multi-levelled marketing campaign and got bored.
So I've noticed that all the other blogs I like to read have been a bit quiet lately. I know it's a nasty time of semester (week 8 for us, mid-semester next week, a bit later for everyone else) but, you know. So I was thinking: imagine if I could could pyrateize all those fallow blogs - just pop in board them and write what I like, then move on. That would be so cool. I would really, really enjoy that. Mostly because it would mean that I wasn't marking.

Marking sucks. Think writing essays sucks? Marking them is so much worse. And you know what? No one uses capitals or commas any more. It's just one, long crap text message or myspace post. But at least first year essays are quick to mark - I've been getting through about 4 an hour (yes, that's about 15 minutes each - only 1500 words long. I could be neglecting something, but I don't care). But I've only marked 7 in two days. But this isn't really my fault. I am also sailing the red seas and trying to ignore a bullshit headache. I feel that blogging is the only solution. And, as every seadog's polly knows, the only real cure is a whole bunch of pieces of cake.*

*parts of this post were brought to you in the spirit of international talk like a pirate day. The Crink would just like to remind everyone that she is a pyrate. Rlly!!1! kthxbi.

Posted by dogpossum on September 21, 2007 11:57 AM in the category dogpossum