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May 2, 2007


Posted by dogpossum on May 2, 2007 2:20 PM in the category clicky

Stewpic.jpg Galaxy's little brother (I never get tired of writing that - I'm sure it drives him nuts, but I feel like I get to associate with Galaxy's Big Sister pride in Stew because I've known her so long) has been making nice things again. I particularly like that photo of the nannas with the the athletes. It reminds me of a comment a dance friend made about images of black men being intimidating. At the time I was kind of floored by the inadvertent racism at work, but now I'm also really interested in the idea of pictures of people being intimidating. And by the way particular people are set up to be intimidated. And of course, the ways race and gender are at work in all this.

...I'm always really tickled by the way certain types of men find me really intimidating. I think of myself as a little baby - I spend half my time worrying that I'm not clever enough or good enough or whatever. I like to wear a lot of pink and I like necklaces made of bright wooden or plastic beads. And when I come across another young man who finds me really frightening... I have to say, I like it. I like the power. I like being able to think 'HA! Take that, patriarchy!' And of course, I take shameless advantage of it.

Posted by dogpossum on May 2, 2007 2:20 PM in the category clicky