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May 13, 2007

eurovision 2007: slovenia and turkey and austria and latvia

Posted by dogpossum on May 13, 2007 12:21 AM in the category television

I like the goth ones the best. Sort of opera goth. That's great. Chicks with dresses made of rags with glowy bits stuck to their hands doing Hitler arms up in the air and wearing leather bodices.

5 seconds into Turkey and I know I love them already. Gold, gold, gold and men in red jackets with gold embroidery.
"Shake it up, shake it"
This one goes out to all the girls in Brunswick!
I am definitely won over by uptempo songs with lots of dancing. Really poor singing is also a winner.

Austria has a man in a silver glittery mesh coat climbing out of a giant red vagina made out of red feathers and drag queens. Awesome. Go Austria! Go Austria!
Maybe that's not a giant red vagina but a big AIDs ribbon? I like the red faceted cod pieces.

Latvia: more opera-pop. Boring. Dull. Boring. Plus it's dress jackets over jeans and I don't approve. Though their fake medals are interesting because they remind me of a bloke I met at a wedding recently who owned his own business where he remounted medals onto strips so diggers can wear them in marches. Really.

Mikko Leppilampi = hawt.

Acts I didn't blog:
Bulgaria: awesome drums and chain mail.
Israel: joke band singing about bombs.
Cyprus: I must have missed this one - another glittery one.
Belarus: boring boyband action.
Iceland: hair.
Georgia: girly in a red dress shouting a bit with some guys dancing with swords (extra points).
Montenegro: boyband. Boring.
Moldova: more shouting and leather.
The Netherlands: orange, shouting lady with other ladies in lame.
Albania: sort of goth. Dull.
Denmark: awesome drag queen action with quick costume changes on stage.
Croatia: more big hair and shouting.

and then it's back to Poland.

I think I'm voting for ... hm. The vampire song is too obvious. I liked Malta because it sounded like a James Bond song. But I also liked Belgium because it was really really crap. But Turkey man had the goods. Austria did have the vagina thing happening (and we're all about gynocentrism here).... Well, that's my shortlist.

I'm sorry I blocked up your feedreaders with all these silly eurovision posts. But if you were watching and you loved it too... then you rock, and your love gives me ...


Posted by dogpossum on May 13, 2007 12:21 AM in the category television