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May 13, 2007

eurovision 2007 finals: greece and georgia and sweden

Posted by dogpossum on May 13, 2007 10:10 PM in the category television

If you go here, you can see which countries played in which order.

1. Bosnia & Herzegovina Maria ŠESTIĆ Rijeka Bez Imena
2 Spain D'NASH I Love You Mi Vida
3 Belarus Koldun Work Your Magic
4 Ireland DERVISHThey Can't Stop The Spring
5 Finland Hanna PAKARINEN Leave Me Alone
6 FYR Macedonia Karolina Mojot Svet
7 Slovenia Alenka GOTAR Cvet Z Juga
8 Hungary Magdi RÚZSA Unsubstantial Blues
9 Lithuania 4FUN Love Or Leave
10 Greece Sarbel Yassou Maria
11 Georgia Sopho Visionary Dream
12 Sweden THE ARK The Worrying Kind
13 France LES FATALS PICARDS L'amour À La Française
14 Latvia BONAPARTI.LV Questa Notte
15 Russia SEREBRO Song #1
16 Germany Roger CICERO Frauen Regier'n Die Welt
17 Serbia Marija ŠERIFOVIĆ Molitva
18 Ukraine Verka SERDUCHKA Dancing Lasha Tumbai
19 United Kingdom SCOOCH Flying The Flag (For You)
20 Romania TODOMONDO Liubi, Liubi, I Love You
21 Bulgaria Elitsa TODOROVA & Stoyan YANKOULO Water
22 Turkey Kenan DOÄžULU Shake It Up, Shekerim
23 Armenia Hayko Anytime You Need
24 Moldova Natalia BARBU Fight

We're up to Greece at number 10. Good start:
"first off, she's a lady,
this is a lady's world"
Which is, speaking as a Brunswick chick, exactly the sort of talk I like to hear from a good Greek boy. I like using the term 'lady'. The Squeeze calls us (us being crink and I and D) ladies.

I think I'm voting for Greece!! I like all the freakin' shimmies! I like the shitty syncho backing dancers! I like the song!

Georgia. Great. I like the dress. I like the dancing guys with swords. It's an up-tempo disco song, so it's go my vote. It's a bit like Madonna, except with lyrics by someone whose first language isn't English so they have that A-ha feel.
"This precious moment of my life,
holds me excited!"

I really have to go have a shower. I shaved The Squeeze's head earlier and have prickles all over me.
I have to watch this entry - Sweden is the national home of lindy hop in the twenty first century. And Abba.
And this entry is worth embedding.

I'ts ok, I guess, but it's too obvious choice for me.

Posted by dogpossum on May 13, 2007 10:10 PM in the category television