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April 18, 2007

long and boring. right on.

Posted by dogpossum on April 18, 2007 12:31 PM in the category perth

I am officiallly the most boring person on earth. What have I done for you lately?

Long, boring posts about DJing. And that's about it. Nice one. Way to go.

But why?

Well, it's mostly because I've been sewing a lot, and sewing and blogging... well, sewing and writing on a computer = not good friends. The former is not conducive to/for (?) the latter.

Also, I have been a bit low on the can-I-write-in-English? self esteem ladder. Writing - he is not something I can do. Any more. But yesterday I had a nice meeting with the ex-supes about making the thesis into a book and now I feel better. so about a year and a half or so (or however long it takes - I have absolutely no clue. A week? A year? Six months? How long?) from now, expect to see a nice book with a nice colourful cover, full of nice photos of dancers and postively bursting with accessible yet terribly clever and world-changing words about dancing. It will mostly be like reading my blog, but with better spelling. And it will cost more. Also, there will be more pictures. And the world-changing, it will be so fricking on, homies. Your worlds - they will be wearing new frickin' PANTS, they will be so changed.

Meanwhile, we are off to Hullabaloo tomorrow*. That's in Perth. I am DJing a few times. We will get up late, tell lies to trusting Westralians, eat foreign food (ie fish that does not need a layer of subcutaneous fat two metres deep to protect it from the antarctican water temperatures), squeeze old friends til they gasp, do some stunts, drink some beer, tell larger lies to truly gullible Taswegians (not all of them are gullible - some of them are sharp, like ze razor), sit about in cafes talking crap, dress up in inappropriate costumes for glamour events, tease everyone under the age of 30 until they cry, mock everyone weighing less than 65 kilograms until they buy themselves a hamburger (or should that be encourage everyone weighing less than 65kg until their self esteem is such that they don't need to starve themselves to beauty?) and possibly, maybe, perhaps do some dancing. But no promises on that last one.

I will try to take some photos (or The Squeeze will take photos and I'll claim them) and post about it later on. Don't hold your breath, though - I suspect there may only be more long, boring posts about DJing. And me. And how I DJ. And what I think about DJing. And what I think about what dancers think of my DJing.

*also, I was convinced I was going to Perth this afternoon. It was at about 9.30 last night when The Squeeze arrived home from a night helping his friends launch their computer thing (BLACK TSHIRTS, doods - I'm looking to order a hundred or so Tshirts in a few months, and NONE of them will be white) that I realised that it wasn't today but tomorrow that we're leaving. Means I have a few more hours up my sleeve, but really. What is with my brain?

Posted by dogpossum on April 18, 2007 12:31 PM in the category perth