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March 2, 2007

Hullabaloo 2007

Posted by dogpossum on March 2, 2007 4:59 PM in the category djing and lindy hop and other dances and music and travel

Hullabaloogirls.gif I don't know if I've mentioned it or not, but we're going to Hullabaloo soon. Next month, I think it is.
This is the forth annual Hullabaloo - and Hullabaloo is kind of the Perth equivalent to MLX. It's not an all-social exchange (there are only two of those in this country - MLX and Canberrang), mostly because it's very difficult to make an all-social event sustainable, unless you live in a giant local scene (like us here in Melbourne), have quite a few years of successful events under your belt to serve as promotion (like us here in Melbourne), live in a very tourist-attracting city (like us here in Melbourne) or just couldn't give a shit, and want to have a party (like the kids in Canberra).hamhullabaloo.gif

So we go and just don't do any workshops - we pretend it's an all social event, and sleep in late every day, go to cafes, wander around like the cheery holidaying tourists we are. The very best bit of going to someone else's exchange isn't that you don't have to run anything or work on anything (you always end up doing something at some point to help out - it's an instinct you can't fight when you're used to running events), it's that you're on holiday with a hundred or so other people. And they all want to wander around like tourists, visit cafes and breweries, eat nice meals, talk a whole lot of shit and then dance like crazy fools all night.

hullabalooboys.gifHullabaloo is The Squeeze's favourite exchange. We get hosted by dear friends (who we host when they come to us), with dear friends (who we see regularly when we host an exchange - it's a real exchange and it's wonderful), we don't do anything particularly difficult, The Squeeze is very popular with the Perth ladies (not just because he's cute - also because he's naughty and inclined to pranks, drinking games and stunts) and I like to dance like a fool. Unfortunately I haven't been to an exchange yet where I haven't gotten really ill. I think it's because my body tends to think 'ok, we're on holiday, let's relax'. So I have to spend far too much time sitting about being tired and pathetic. Which sucks arse because I love de late night dancing.

I love Hullabaloo because you can feel every step a Perth lead takes, they bounce and they play good music. They are a bit anal and weird about vintage costume, but The Squeeze sets a good example and just completely ignores any dress standards rubbish. He simply doesn't bother reading that part of the events guide and doesn't bother his pretty little head about it. And he never gets in trouble for it.

So yeah, we're going there next month.

They're also planning a lindy battle thing as well. Trev will no doubt chime in with a comment on that, seeing as how he's organising it (Trev is a Perth person). My buddy Dan (who has a blog, but I can't remember the url) has decided we're goint to enter the battle. And I think it's a good idea. So we've started hassling all our friends to put together a team, including people like Kara. I'm not going to read any rules, because these sorts of things are always much more fun if you don't plan anything too seriously.
hullabaloo4.gifThere's been a flurry of emails this morning afternoon (I got up LATE - DJed the second set at CBD last night and didn't get home til 1am. Now I'm really tired) with all sorts of exciting ideas for the team. Mostly involving tshirts and how cool we are. Not much talk of actual dancing. Trev, I hope you're not reading this, because I want to talk about it... ok, well, this is the internet, so I won't talk about it til later.

Hullabaloogirls2.gifAnyway, I've also put my name in for DJing at Hullabaloo, which will be way fun, but also way pressure - I've DJed interstate before (SLX), but no DJing for a hardcore lindy hopping crowd out of my home town. I DJed at MLX, and I've DJed local big events, but it's different when you travel to a new town. There's new equipment to learn. The fear of forgetting essential cords. Not knowing what a local crowd will like/not like. And so on. I'm excited, but a bit scared. I don't doubt I'll do a decent job, but I will need to work on learning my music a bit better and do some serious practicing. But I have faith.

[all photos are by The Squeeze from Hullabaloo 2005]

Posted by dogpossum on March 2, 2007 4:59 PM in the category djing and lindy hop and other dances and music and travel