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February 1, 2007


Posted by dogpossum on February 1, 2007 2:02 PM in the category clicky

I've been looking at some interesting acka blogs lately - sort of the American (I assume) version of people I'm already reading.

  • Digital Audio Insider, an interesting chat about digital music. I need to read more of this dood's blog. Especially when he gets talking about itunes (because swing DJs have a rather love-hate relationship with itunes - there's some freaking amazing, obscure shit on there, but the quality simply isn't good enough for DJing).
  • Fandrogyny, a blog with a post about Heroes at the top, and of course, we're all over Heroes at our house at the moment.
  • terra nova, a kind of all-round internetty/acka-ish group blog which has a really interesting article about three ackas choosing to synchronise their posts about second life:
    The posts are intended to be the beginning of a coordinated conversation. According to Henry, "After corresponding with Shirky and with my colleague Beth Coleman, it was decided that we would offer some new statements about this controversy across our three blogs today and respond to each other's posts in about a week's time. We also agreed that we would post links to the other posts through our sites which would help readers navigate between the various positions." (from that entry)
    That's some interesting stuff - I've been thinking about the way early career ackas (or eckas, I guess) use blogs to network. And it's only a matter of time til more grown up ackas start using the lovely discursive potential of the internet. I don't doubt, though, that finding the time to do this stuff will be something only fairly well positioned ackas will be able to do.
  • apophenia, more lovely fan talk

Posted by dogpossum on February 1, 2007 2:02 PM in the category clicky